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The 2017 edition of ASAW Summer Showcase is a memory, and we can safely say that a good time was had by all of Team Knollwood.  

We've had time to think about the weekend, and want to reflect on our favorite benefits of participating in this fun, relaxed little show.


It's Spectator Friendly.

Set in a park like setting, show spectators can choose to watch the action in the big outdoor ring from the shade of the barn overhangs, or in the sun of the bleachers and picnic tables. If they'd rather, fans can get up close and personal right along the rail, too. Everything's close and walkable, including the air conditioned concession stand and restrooms.  At Cedarburg, no golf carts are required!


We Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Experienced riders in the 'B' division and the academy division get to show in the BIG outdoor ring.  We enjoyed perfect weather last weekend, so it was a real treat for riders to enjoy the challenge of showing outdoors.  

The size of the ring also meant that the large academy classes could be run with 13 riders.  The older and wiser walk trot academy riders showed their ringsmanship while they battled to the best positions to be seen by Judge Michelle Krentz.  


We Put  $$ Back in the ASAW Scholarship Fund

The show splits the proceeds 50/50 between the Knockouts and the ASAW Scholarship Fund.  With big classes again this year, we're expecting to make a sizeable contribution to the scholarship fund.  This year, 2 Knockout members were fortunate to receive $3000 payouts as they start their college careers.  We're happy to support the program that rewards riders and scholars.


Saddlebred Rescue Wins

Our friends at Soul Fire designed a stencil of the ASAW Logo which was artfully painted on pallets by Knockouts Jen and Emma.  Originally set simply as center ring decorations, so many friends expressed interest in the artwork that we decided to auction the designs to benefit Saddlebred Rescue.  Thanks to social media and Vicky's hard work, the art auction was a huge success.

The Knockouts also sold horse treat bags containing mints, apples, and horse treats.  This idea created by Mary added $100 to the donation.

We're happy to report that all these great ideas and the help of generous friends resulted in a $1225 donation to Saddlebred Rescue to help horses in need.


Horses Love the Show

The relaxed atmosphere of the show is contagious.  Our horses really enjoyed the schedule and the arenas for the weekend.  Many of them made the most of the cool mornings and took their power naps before the afternoon academy performances.


Friendships are Made

There's something about this friendly show that sets it apart. Maybe it's the setting, maybe it's the parties and the snow cones, or maybe it's the shifts in the concession stand supporting the Knockouts and the show, but the riders all have a great time together.  



Horse Show Careers are Begun Here

The small indoor arena is the perfect place to bring young and  maiden riders, and we made great use of the venue this year, bringing 9 first time show stars.  Classes are small, horses and riders enjoy a controlled environment, and spectators can get up close for those important pictures.

The schedule also allows for even first time riders to enjoy up to 4 classes at their first show, allowing for plenty of feedback between events.  By the end of the afternoon, our rookies felt like pros!



We'd like to offer great thanks to the barns who supported the show with riders and sponsorships.  We are also grateful to all the volunteers who make the show work, from the gatekeepers to the concession stand workers and delivery crews.  Thanks also to judge Michelle Krentz for giving up time just before Louisville to look at our up and coming riders.

 It takes a village, and we have a great one.




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