Posted by Ann Wilt


The signs of spring are everywhere. From the arena screen door being opened to the school horses shedding up a storm, it’s time to think about the warm weather ahead.

Many members of Team Knollwood are heading off to spring break adventures. Some are heading to tropical locations while others are heading to Kentucky or to the mountains of Colorado.  Wherever you’re going, we hope you have a glorious time.

Not wanting to miss any fun, the school horses have thought long and hard about where they’d like to go for spring break.

Here are responses from all the horses who chose to answer the survey:


Big Frank would like to go to his mothers basement and play video games.


Duke would like to test his stamina and try an endurance race. He’s been saving up the energy for a long, long time.


Fred would like to go on a cruise because the meals are all-you-can-eat.


Hugo would like a stay-cation where he can sleep and wallow in the mud all week.

Jelly would like a trip to Austria, his ancestral home.


Leon would like to participate in a service project for people in need.


Little Frank would like to buy and visit his very own time share in Florida.


Mac would like to take a walking tour where there are no straight paths.


Mark is still ‘thinking.’



Picasso would like to try his hand at being an actor, and to star in a western film.


Sparky would like to be a substitute kindergarten teacher.


Thomas would like to study up on geography in hopes of being able to find his stall some day.


Tony would like to improve himself while vacationing, and embark on an educational European river cruise.


Vaughn would like to stay up late, sleep late, and eat a lot, just like boys his age.


Baxter would like to be a goodwill ambassador for any charity so he can make friends with lots of new people.



Eddie and Klem would be off to Vegas together.


Heist would embark on a meditation schedule to improve his outlook.


Master of teaching pattern skills to wee ones, Hooper would take intensive dance lessons to become even more agile.



Panic would spring break at Holly’s house.





For those of you heading to exciting places, please be sure to let your instructor know when you’ll be off on adventures.


For those of you staying at home, it’s a great time to get in some extra lessons, or to get in make-ups from the past month. Remember, make-ups must be used within 30 days of the missed lesson. We have lots of options over the next couple of weeks.


Coming Up?


We’re currently accepting entries for the spring Knollwood Show on May 22-23.  Entry blanks and size sample shirts are available in the school barn.

 New this year? All payments will be handled on your in-house account!


We're ordering classic Knollwood jackets in misses and men's sizes through April 1.  For only $120, you can own the jacket that the cool kids of all ages are wearing. Best of all? Ordering is easy with forms in the school barn and billing to your account.






Our annual food drive starts on April 15.  Every Knollwood Kid who collects a minimum of five food kits is eligible to join a team for the Knollwood Olympics on May 15!

Food kits and $ equivalents are donated to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. 

Not in the shopping mood? You can write a check to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County and give it to your favorite Knollwood Kid to turn in.  1 food kit = a $15 donation to the pantry.


We’re off to our first show of the season!

Both academy and show horses will be heading to Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois for the IASPHA Spring Show on April 16-18.


The Knockouts spring street cleanup is happening at 1:00 on Saturday, May 1 this year.  Save the date for fun with your friends, and making the barn neighborhood look wonderful for spring.


Please don’t forget to arrive 15 minutes early for your lessons. We want you to spend as much time with your horse as possible!


See you at the barn or at the in-gate!