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Hey guys!


Saturday circuit number two coming at you.  Now this circuit can be added to the first Saturday Circuit which can be found here, or can be utilized as a stand alone workout.  If doing as a stand alone, be sure to run through to circuit 3-5 times.  If adding to circuit one, we recommend doing each circuit 2-3 times.  As always, make sure you take some time to warm up before you begin and cool down once you're done to ensure your muscles are well protected and ready to rock and roll!


Exercise 1 - Split Jumps - 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 4 reps


Split jumps are perhaps more evil than squat jumps, though equally as amazing of a cardio kick.  From a lunge position, in one fluid motion, jump directly up and swap legs coming down into another lunge and repeat!  Don't forget to breathe on this one guys!


Exercise 2 - High Plank to Low Plank - 30 seconds, 3 reps


Planks are amazing for your entire core.  Finding yourself in a high plank position, really drawing your navel in, come down onto your right elbow then left elbow, then push back up onto your right hand, then up onto your left hand.  Continue like this for the entire 30 seconds.  Make sure you change directions so for the next cycle you would go down onto your left elbow, then right, come up onto your left hand, then right; and so on!


Exercise 3 - High Knees - 60 Seconds on, 20 second rest for 3 reps


A classic cardio move, working your knees up toward your waist without letting your chest come forward will really make this a much more challenging workout.  Make sure you stand tall, chest lifted (just like when you're sitting on a horse) and begin to run in place bringing your knees as high as you can, as fast as you can, keep your core engaged.


 Exercise 4 - T Push Ups - 10 reps


A literal twist on an oldy but goody, the T Push Up involves doing a regular push up, but once you get back to the top of your push up, raise one arm toward the ceiling for a gentle twist, really focusing here on letting your back muscles contract you into the twist, rather than just swinging your arm around. Follow your hand with your eyes and it rotates, come back down to do another push up and twist to the other side!


 Exercise 5 - Lateral bounds - 60 Seconds on, 20 seconds rest for 3 reps


In a ready position, bound to the left or right, cradling the jump with a soft landing onto one foot, find your balance without lowering your other foot and bound back to the other side.  Continue this bounding back and forth from one foot to the other as fast as you can while maintaining good form of a high chest and bent knees as if you're in a partial squat.


Exercise 6 - High boat to low boat - 10 reps


Balancing on your tail bone, bend your knees and stretch your arms out straight at your shoulders.  Holding this position for a moment, stretch your legs out and lower them, along with lowering your back, as low as you can without falling or touching the ground.  Holding this position for a moment, using exclusively your core, come back up to your starting position and repeat.


Don't forget to cool down with some light stretching.


Happy Social Distancing Saddlebred Saturday


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