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Our 2020 journey continues with many new adventures.

Let’s catch up, and see what’s in store.


Team Knollwood returned from a small, but very successful World’s Championship Horse Show.  Finn and Richie made the trip to Louisville to compete in their Equitation World Championships, and we’re proud to report that both riders ribboned in their respective finals.


Showing Leila, officially known as CH-EQ Brookhill’s Passion Punch,  Finn was among the most accomplished equitation riders in the country. Riders from all over the United States traveled to compete in the Senior Final on Thursday evening. Finn qualified for the championship by placing a terrific third in her age group. Her grace teamed with Leila’s power propelled team Finn to the top 10 riders who were asked to perform an individual workout which included an entire rail without stirrups.

Finn and the always creative Leila nailed the pattern, and their no stirrup work was a thing to behold. Team Finn finished 8th out of the 22 best riders competing that day!



Richie and Sophie, officially known as Royal Tryst, qualified for their Junior Championship by earning a Reserve World's Champion ribbon in the 12 and 13 year old equitation qualifier. Richie and elegant Sophie rode into their Friday morning championship and came out with a terrific 5th place ribbon.

Congratulations to these accomplished Knollwood Kids on a terrific Louisville!



What's Coming Up?


Scott is off to the All American Horse Classic next weekend with Laney and Aaron, who will compete in the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup Finals, and the Pleasure Equitation Olympics.  This marks the beginning of equitation finals season, and it's going to be a great one!


It's Futurity Time!


One of our ‘home shows’ is coming up at Wisconsin State Fair Park! The Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival takes place September 16-19, and it’s going to be a big one.

In addition to most of the show horses attending, Team Knollwood is bringing 19 academy stars and 12 of the best lesson horses in the world.

These nineteen riders represent students on all different paths and at different places on their journey to becoming horse people. We have a few riders riding at their second and third shows, some in their first year out of the walk and trot division,  some really seasoned academy stars who are looking forward to putting on a suit in the near future, and everything in between.

Horse shows teach things to kids of all ages without even trying, and the academy division is where countless lessons are learned. Because everyone starts on an even level as horses themselves aren’t judged, it’s all about what the rider does with the horse they’re learning from at that moment. 

We have horses that are beautiful, horses that are unicorns, horses that look like cartoon characters, horses that aren’t so bright, and some that are wiser than we are. Riders on their journey to becoming horse people will meet all of them, and they’ll meet people just like these horses throughout their lives as well.

Truly, the joy is in the journey.



Some small print about the show:

Our show riders are thrilled to be mentoring our academy stars at the show. You'll see these accomplished riders prepping horses, caring for horses, assisting riders, offering advice for the ring, heading horses in the line up, and cheering on Team Knollwood.

  We’ll have three stylists working on creating perfect buns, and they have requested that walk, trot, and canter riders arrive at 9 AM. Walk and trot stars, please arrive at 10 AM.



Each academy rider has a packet waiting for them at the barn. It contains a show schedule, COVID-19 rules for the show, and three COVID-19 release forms. Please sign and return the forms before the show and we’ll have your wristbands waiting for you. If you need additional releases, we have them, just ask!






Richmond may make it to his first birthday, after all!

Our favorite yellow and white kitten reaches cathood on Tuesday, September 22,  so please stop by and wish him a Happy Birthday.  Great thanks to Dr. Rachel for helping him make it!



Emma Utoft Photography will be at the farm on Saturday, September 26 for photo shoots with horses. Please call her at 815-742-0838 if you’d like to set up a session.

We’re also planning the annual academy ad shot, so please stay tuned for time updates.




We’re doing it again!

The Fall Knollwood show is coming up on October 3rd and 4th, using the same format as our show in August. Walk, trot, and canter riders as well as our 11 and over WT riders will compete in the big outdoor ring on Saturday, starting at 11 AM. The gaming division will follow immediately.

Because of the popularity of the gaming division, only riders showing will be eligible for the games.


Our 10 and under WT riders, Maiden riders, and Leadline stars will compete in the little outdoor ring on Sunday, also starting at 11 AM.

We’re happy to say that Hanna Agathen Photography will be capturing all the memories.

Please get your entries in soon to join the fun!


Shows are a big fundraiser for our award winning youth group, the Knollwood Knockouts. Parents have been busy and letting their creative juices flow for this show

Gift basket sign-ups will be posted shortly, and we’re excited to announce a NEW item…



You can bid on your own private suite for either day of the show! The winner will enjoy FOUR comfy seats, a roof over your head, a cooler of beverages, an 8" X 10" photo of your choice from Hanna Agathen Photography, and 12 free raffle tickets!



Thank you for joining us on this unpredictable journey we call 2020.

See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!




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