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You've seen them on our Facebook, you've seen them on our Instagram, you've seen them in our group rides, and you've seen them in the show ring.  Now, for the 1st time (and maybe last yeeeeesh) we've dared to give KF Photo of the Day champions of champions, Miss Mia and Maiya a mic and a camera to stand in front of!  Introducing:  Mia and Maiya - The web series!



Mia and Maiya have both been riding at Knollwood since they were even smaller than they currently are (hard to believe, I know).  Growing up Knollwood comes with some responsibility.  Not only do you learn to take care of your horse and those around you with less experience, but also to take care of coming up with a creative photo of the day for Miss Ann to post on our Facebook and Instagram.  People need to know just what IS happening here on a daily basis and it's important to be honest about how hard we are working and how by the book we tend to run things.




Oh and don't forget the importance of preparedness and being organized for shows.  Packing trunks, checking and double checking your show caboodle, and..... uhhh.....stowing away?


MiaMaiya Stow AWay


Well anyway, Mia and Maiya may have an unorthodox approach to things, but we hope you will continue to enjoy their spin on things in video format! 


For their first adventure, Mia and Maiya headed off to the Madison Classic Horse Show to talk with some of our industry's best and brightest about showing horses, memories of the past, and what makes them tick.  They also asked the notorious R.H. Bennett (the interview guy) about interviewing!  It's good to talk to the experts!  Without further delay:


Mia and Maiya Take Madison!



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