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Greetings fellow members of Team Knollwood. Klem here with all the information you’ll need to enjoy our final home show of the year this weekend.

Personally, I love home shows because I get to sleep in my own bed, and I get to see all my favorite people, and even meet some of their parents.

All riders should have received a packet with their personal schedule as well as a lunch pre-order form and show attire graphic. If you have any questions, please don’t ask me, as my answer to every question is ‘peppermint.’ Your instructor will be much more helpful.

I DO know that riders should arrive one hour before their show section is to begin, and that they should report to the school barn.

Lifelong Knollwood Kid Heather will be running the show reception area on Sunday, and, with her show experience and friendly ways,  can help with almost anything.

If you have not picked up your show shirt and back number, they will be available in the school barn lounge on show day.

Bling magnets from Jodi will also be available for sale up front.

Please bring your own chairs to watch the show.  For Saturday,  chairs can be set up on the west side of the arena anywhere behind the ‘horse path’ along the straightaway. For the Sunday show, you can set up along Oakwood Road or along the school barn.

Parking will be a bit challenging for the show. Our neighbors at the Kettle Moraine Curling Club are hosting an event this weekend, so Knollwood peeps CANNOT PARK AT THE CURLING CLUB.

The concession stand is still looking for some help covering some shifts. I’d like to help myself, but the health department frowns upon horses working with food. Could you help? You can sign up here.

If you signed up to donate to gift baskets, please have your goodies to the show barn lounge by Thursday night.


Now for the fun questions that I know something about!


What’s the difference between pleasure and equitation classes?

Pleasure classes are judged on the combination of horse and rider. Do they communicate well, look smooth, and perform as a team? Are they riding into corners, and making good traffic choices? Are they traveling at a good speed and look like they’re enjoying themselves?

Equitation classes are mostly judged on the rider’s skills.  The rider’s body position is taken into account, as correct position will put the rider in place to ride the horse in the most efficient manner possible. The rider is also judged on trotting on the correct diagonal and cantering competitors are judged on their leads. The judge is looking for smoothness in the saddle and an overall look of ease.

I excel in both types of classes.



What’s all this about the Knollwood Challenge Final?

Great question.

The Knollwood Challenge is based on the National Equitation Finals that our show riders participate in.

We hold qualifying classes at each Knollwood Show for both walk-trot and walk-trot-canter riders. In each qualifier, riders compete on the rail and then each competitor will complete a required pattern.  For the walk and trot riders, the test is trotting a non-inverted figure eight. Our walk, trot, and canter riders will trot an inverted figure eight for their pattern.

The top two ribbon winners from each qualifier will advance to the final held at out fall show. In the final phase, riders compete on the rail and then all complete a pattern that they learn that day. Riders will have the chance to walk the pattern before they ride it.

The winner of the final will receive a beautiful bronze traveling trophy and a custom shirt from deRegnaucourt, our suitmaker who outfits many of our show ring stars.




What’s a Personal Assistant?

Personal assistants are the best. Each of us lesson horses has our own person on Sunday to do our tack changes, help our riders get ready for the ring, and take good care of us. Some high maintenance horses like the Hafflinger even have their own stylist so Flabio looks his best.

These Knollwood Kids are as kind to the riders as they are to us, and that says a lot. They help riders in the line up, act as cheerleaders, and show new riders the sportsmanship lessons of a Knollwood Kid.


What do the lesson horses think about horse show weekend?


We love it.

You know, one of Knollwood’s catch phrases is ‘We love what we do,’ and that includes us, the best lesson horses in the world.

All of us love teaching lessons. In fact, each of us has his or her own lesson to teach. I enjoy teaching my young riders to pay attention to this smart Morgan who dreams of being a stand up comedian, and I also enjoy working the crowd.

So, horse show weekend allows us to show off our riders we’ve taught so well. Of course, we’ll still have our chances, as we’re professionals, but mostly the kids will win.

What’s better than a weekend with our kids, extra attention, personal assistants, a photographer, and a Monday off?


Who’s in center ring?

Our judge for the weekend is Allison Schuh. A longtime Knollwood Kid, Allison has been showing horses for most of her life.  After a highly successful Junior Exhibitor career, Allison is now competing in adult equitation, and is currently the national champion of the adult Good Hands Final and the UPHA Adult Challenge Cup national final.

Filling out the center ring staff are our helpful adults who act as ringmasters, keeping the ring safe and organized. They’ll also hand out awards and arrange victory passes.

Jeni will be announcing on Saturday, while Wendy will be the voice of Sunday.

Hanna of Hanna Agathen Photography will be taking pics from center ring, and will be shooting candids before and after the show. You just know she’ll get great shots of me!

The best lesson horses in the world can hardly wait for the weekend.  Please be sure to cheer on your favorite riders and horses. WE love it!

Ps: Peppermint!




Catching up and looking ahead!

We couldn’t be more proud of our riders who competed at the St Louis National Charity Horse Show last weekend.

Some highlights?

Laney won the USEF Medal qualifier, and a National Championship in the Saddle and Bridle Equitation Medallion Senior Final.

In her first year showing in the senior equitation division, 14 year old Payton is the reserve national champion in the ASHA National Championship of Pleasure Equitation, and finished third in the Senior Medallion Final, all while riding her heart horse Eli.


In her fourth show out of the academy division, Emma made Top 10 in the ASHA final, and held her own in a STACKED Medallion final.

As usual, Margit and Charlie were a sight in their 5 gaited show pleasure classes, finishing reserve in both qualifier and championships. She and Robert were competitors as well.

Tori and Frankie continue to learn from each other, and rode to wonderful ribbons in the process.


Finn and Richie were stars in the trimmed equitation, even finishing first and second in the Saddle Seat Equitation qualifier.


It was such a busy show that even Hazel was exhausted after watching all the workouts.


Looking ahead...

We won’t be holding lessons this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because of practice rides and our big show. The best lesson horses in the world will have Monday off as well, so no lessons on Monday except for our 6:30 PM Welcome to Knollwood class which will still meet.



Mane Event Horse Show

October 14-17

Illinois State Fairgrounds

Show horses will be off to Springfield, Illinois on Monday to prepare for the Mane Event Show. One of everyone’s favorite shows at a wonderful facility, the show features the first jewel in the triple crown of Saddle Seat Equitation, the Good Hands.

Knollwood will be there in numbers, and we’ll update with schedules and webcast information soon.



IASPHA Fall Show

October 22-24

Woodstock, IL

Our academy team and some show horses will he heading to Beyond Stable Farm for our last IASPHA show of 2021. We’d love a cheering section, please come join us!



UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show

November 9-13

Kansas City

The National Championship Show features the last two equitation finals that make up the Triple Crown of Saddle Seat Equitation, the UPHA Challenge Cup Final and the USEF Medal Final.

Team Knollwood will be there competing for national championships.

We’ll update with schedules and webcast info as the show gets closer.



Parents’ Academy Show Meeting

November 13, 7:00 PM

Parents, please join us for an informational meeting to learn all about academy showing for 2022.  We’ll provide information, answer questions, and talk about schedules, clothing requirements, as well as the costs and benefits involved.  You’ll learn why we love academy showing so much!

We'll hold another meeting in early spring for riders, which will feature demos and more kid friendly topics.




UPHA Fall Academy Show

November 19-20

Woodstock, IL

The academy team is heading to Beyond Stable Farm for its last show of the 2021 season. Our walk trot and canter riders will show on Friday evening, and our walk and trot stars will compete on Saturday morning.




Horse of the Year Election

Starts 12/1

Knockouts are invited to pay their 2022 dues and vote for school horse of the year. The election winner will be announced at the Knockout banquet.



Parents Night Out

Saturday, December 4,  5-8 PM

Parents can enjoy three hours of holiday shopping, or dinner out while your Knockout  enjoys time at the barn with fellow club members. This season’s night will have a holiday theme, so stay tuned for sign up info! 




Knockout Election and Holiday Party

Saturday, December 11 at 6:00 PM

All members are invited to join us in the arena for a treasure hunt, pizza, election speeches, an optional gift exchange, and the election of 2022 Officers and Board members.




See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!





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