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Our first in-barn show of the season is coming up next weekend, and we can hardly wait. 

We’re trying out a relaxed dress code with all the riders receiving long sleeved tees to wear in the ring.  The arena is going to be a sea of orange with all 73 riders decked out in their show shirts.

We’ve also added an ‘Open’ division with opportunities for our show barn riders to join the fun. 

Of course, it had to be a competition, so the experienced riders will be trying to beat Triple Crown Winner Haley in games of skill such as 'Ride a $5' and 'Slowest Canter.'  They probably don’t stand a chance against Haley in bareback equitation, however.

So, we toyed with the idea of making the 'show kids' compete 'saddle no stirrups' in old school saddles, but decided in the end that all gamers will be competing in bareback pads. 

'Ride a $5' contestents, remember to have two five dollar bills ready,  Last one with money under a knee will will the whole pot!



We’re really looking forward to showcasing the progress made by our riders over the winter.

We have a strong 9 rider maiden division for our future stars.  Just starting their show ring adventures, these girls are ready to rock it. Who knows where their dreams will take them?

Our leadline division is chock full of talent, too. Our eight smallest riders will wow the audience with their enthusiasm and presence.  Oh, and they ride pretty well, too!

The Saturday show numbers are way up, as we’ve promoted 8 riders to the walk, trot, and canter division.  We even had to split the maiden division of first time cantering riders!


So whether you’re a lead liner, a maiden rider making their first show appearance, a seasoned academy rider looking to qualify for the Knollwood Challenge, or a show barn rider looking to beat Haley, we hope you have a great time, learn from your horse, hang with your barn friends, and make some memories.



Just a few reminders about the big weekend…

With our relaxed dress code, we’ve also relaxed requirements for hair. Riders can do their hair however they would like as long as their numbers are visible.  We will have stylists for those wanting a traditional horse show bun, and sign up sheets are in the school barn lounge.

Songs for Saddlebreds has been a terrific program benefitting the Knockouts’ favorite charity, Saddlebred Rescue.  For only $5, you can have your favorite song played during your class, or your friend’s class.  Last year, we donated $450 to help Saddlebred Rescue, and we’d love to beat that this year.  You can sign up with your instructor.


Great thanks to our friends at Badger State Maintenance LLC of Milton, Wisconsin, who have kindly sponsored the concession stand for this show!



We are still looking for help in the concession stand and with the gift baskets.  We ask all Knockout members to donate a minimum of 2 hours of service to the club, as dues paid don’t come close to covering the events provided by the club.  You can sign up here.

Sign up for the gift baskets is available on the tackroom door in the school barn. Don’t have time to shop? You can always donate cash and let us do the shopping!



Our annual food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County starts show weekend!

The pantry runs low after school is out, and more clients need their services to replace meals served at school.  The Knockouts are happy to help out, and have fun in the process.


The pantry has asked us to donate in ‘food kit’ form.  Each kit contains:

Instant Potatoes


Canned Vegetables

Canned Fruit

Can of Soup

Box of Jello

Boxed Dessert

Box of Cereal



You can just put these items in a bag and mark the bag with the Knollwood Kid you’d like to support, and they day they ride, which will determine their team.

Each rider who has a minimum of 5 food kits donated earns the right to participate in our first ever Video Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, June 8 at 5:30. Best of all, the team who donates the most food kits over their goal wins a special prize.

Barrels from the food pantry will be in the show barn ready for your donations, and we’ll take donations right up to the date of the event.



It’s going to be a wonderful weekend celebrating all things Knollwood.

See you at the show!



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