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Hi Everyone, Forest here.

Let me start out by saying this:

Crimes have been committed.

And I started it.

You see, my fearless companion Frank the Pony and myself had been contained in the calorie controlled paddock for lo these many years, next to the obnoxious boodmares and their pesky kids. We thought we’d drop a hint to the people in charge around here, and decided to escape the fat farm.

Perhaps our error was that we chose to escape three, count ‘em, three nights in a row.

So that’s the first crime.

The second is far worse.

We’ve been banished from our private enclave to the BIG school horse pasture with the real criminals. Yes, we’re now in what they call ‘the general population.’ These guys like to chase us around and keep us from all the hay.  I actually think there are a couple of bullies out there. So if Frank or I look a little slimmer, you’ll know why…


The real story of the week is the Knollwood show this weekend.  And because I am an expert on all things Knollwood-y, I’ve been elected to fill you all in.

As I well know, the pastures are pretty muddy.  Our friends at the Kettle Moraine Curling Club have kindly allowed us to use their lot this weekend after ours fills up. 

Please enter only from Oakwood Road.


The concession stand will again be located in the show barn, and I’d love to join you all there. Unfortunately, I’m working this weekend, and I guess there are discriminatory laws about Fjords eating at human concession stands.

However, please support the Knockouts, and have a snack on me!  Be sure to tell the friendly workers that Forest sent you.


I must be entertained while I work, and you have a chance to do that AND support our favorite charity, Saddlebred Rescue.

  For only $5 per class, you can have the song of your choice played during a class.  All proceeds benefit the rescue which takes care of Saddlebreds who have fallen through the cracks, and helps them find new jobs and new homes. Please be generous, as not all horses are as fortunate as we Knollwood boys.

Personally, I hope someone plays my favorites, Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho, or Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton. If you don’t like those, any zippy show tune will make me happy even though I’m starving.

Because all our students will be semi casual this weekend, we’re going to use a demo to showcase two of our academy stars who will show what  seasoned academy riders look like when they’re dressed to compete at the highest levels.

There’s a rumor going around that another demo may involve a certain Triple Crown Winner who started in our lesson program.  I’ll keep you posted!


Ironically, our food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County on Saturday.

Please consider donating a food kit to support your favorite Knollwood Kid(s). Each rider who solicits a minimum of 5 food kits is eligible to compete in our first ever Video Scavenger Hunt at 5:30 on June 8. I have a feeling that  I may be involved in the hunt, though no one has officially informed me.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help our neighbors in need at a time when the pantry runs low on inventory.


I have a few tips to help our newest spectators enjoy the show…

Many fans ask what the difference is between pleasure and equitation classes.  Simply put, the pleasure classes are about the horse and rider working together to create a picture of ease and pleasure. The horse and rider should look like they both enjoy what they’re doing.

We always schedule pleasure classes first so riders can get comfortable in their initial class, and feel how their horse is thinking on show day.

Equitation is all about the rider.  The judge is looking at body position, steering, diagonals and leads, and how the rider uses spacing in the arena to present themselves well. Of course, the rider should have their horse working at a good speed for their individual horse, and should look smooth and relaxed.


What’s the difference between school horse and saddle seat pleasure?

So much. School horse pleasure is for all the wonderful lesson horses who are not high headed Saddlebreds or Morgans.  The magnificent quarter horses, Arabians, and assorted crosses are stars of the school horse pleasure division. Of course, there’s also a pretty special, if skinny, Fjord competing there as well.

Saddle Seat pleasure is for the show breeds, and most of these horses are the ones who travel to academy shows with us. While they travel faster and are flashier than our school horse pleasure competitors, all these horses are beautiful in my eyes. Even the ones who don’t let me eat as much as I’d like in the pasture.

 Sure, this weekend is a competition, but most importantly, it should be FUN. 

Cheer for your friends, hug your horse, congratulate the winners, and soak it all in.

There's nothing better.

We lesson horses love what we do, and hope you do, too!

I’m looking forward to show weekend, and hope to see all my friends there. 

Please bring treats!




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