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Knollwood is in full horse show prep mode with trunks double checked, tack cleaned 'til it squeaks and horses beautified with clippers and shampoo. It's almost time to leave for our first show of the season, the IASPHA Spring Show in Gurnee. The show is sold out and for the first time, our show horses will be joining the academy and 'B' horses for the show.

With so many horses making the trip, Team Knollwood will be making two trips with horses, and will be stabled in two separate areas. The academy and 'B' horses will be in their usual stalls with their traditional neighbors, Huntoon Stables and Country Meadow Farm. We can't wait to see them again!

The show horses will be stabled in temporary stalls just across from the best concession stand on the horse show circuit. Really. Be sure to check out Kevin's Catering, whose motto is, “If you don't eat, we'll both go hungry.”

The first show of the season has its own sense of excitement, but this one has some very special stories ready to unfold.


Three Knollwood Kids are making the transition from academy stars to the show horse world this weekend.

Emma, Heather, and Jordan will don their suits for the first time, and we can hardly wait!


Susan will be reunited with the one and only Geronimo this weekend. This grand gelding has made a remarkable recovery from some physical setbacks and is ready to hit the ring once again.


Richie and Tink are starting their 10-year-old year and are ready to make waves in the walk and trot equitation division again this year. These two have worked hard all winter, usually with Richie in a tee shirt no matter the weather, and they are ready to rock it.


We have nine walk, trot, and canter riders showing on Saturday afternoon, with Sofia and Lily making their cantering debuts. 

Sunday afternoon will showcase six of our walk and trot academy riders, and they are ready to show.


Add an aisle decorating contest, a pet class, nightly exhibitor parties, and it sounds like a memorable horse show weekend. Please stop by and watch! It's a short drive less than 10 miles south of the Wisconsin/Illinois border to Fields & Fences, and we'd love all the cheerleaders we can get!



Here's the schedule for the weekend. 

Hope to see you there!


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