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It's spring break time, which means show season is RIGHT around the corner (yipee!!).  While all of us normal folk just head to somewhere full of sun and sand, Knollwood Kid and most recent Triple Crown Winner, Haley Berget had the most equestrian of spring breaks there could ever be.  We sat down and asked Haley a little bit about her magical trip.

What is the 3rd KF triple crown winner doing for spring break?

I am spending my first part of spring break in Ohio, for the Form is Function Clinic at Cape Cod Farm.  I then left from there to Kentucky, I stayed with Michelle Krentz, who is a former rider from Knollwood Farm, and I am touring the barns in Kentucky.  Over this break I got to see my friends, visit barns and ride some amazing horses! 

What did you do for the Form is Function Clinic?

I was a mentor for the Form is Function Clinic at Cape Cod Farm, it was an amazing experience and I got to witness the future of our industry.


Who is the most memorable horse you’ve ridden/met this weekend and why?

The most memorable horse I met this weekend would be The Daily Lottery and the most memorable horse I rode would be Futurette. 

This week, Bret and Susi Day also taught me how to drive and it was a blast, I would love to drive again!

What horse would you love to show/ride one day that you met this week?

I would love to show either The Daily Lottery or Futurette! 

What is the most exciting part about catch riding a horse for someone

The best part about catch riding a horse is the thrill of trying to figure out the horse before you show.  Also the quick bond you have to form with the horse. With catch riding a horse you get to meet more people and become family to many other farms! 

What is your biggest bit of advice for someone heading in the ring on an unfamiliar horse

My advice is to always try your best and if something goes wrong, it’s okay, try to figure out how you can fix it.  One thing to remember is there are usually three judges and not all three of the judges might have seen the mistake.  Always continue to ride hard no matter what happens because many judges appreciate the horsemanship. 



 I had a blast this week and learned so much!  I cannot thank all the farms that let me come visit and the farms that allowed me to ride also!

A Big thanks to former Knollwood Kid Michelle Krentz and to the following farms for hosting Knollwood's latest Triple Crown winner for the spring break of a lifetime

Diamond View Farm

Wingswept Farm

Kalarama Farm

Grey Ridge Farm

Willowbank Farm

Sunrise Stables

Infinity Stables 

Majestic Oaks 

Desmar Stables

Clarke Stables

Visser Stables


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