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Knollwood Kids are fortunate.

Scott and Carol made the decision long ago that they didn’t just want to create riders, but to create horsepeople.

To meet that lofty goal, they feed lots of lesson horses. At this moment, there are, give or take, 30 lesson horses at Knollwood. Ranging from the bombproof Sparky and unicorn Pony Frank to recovering juvenile delinquent Nacho and the amazing forgetful Alex, they’ve assembled a collection to create true horse people.

Horsepeople aren’t made in the riding arena.


True horsemen are made in the time spent in the company of these amazing creatures.


You can’t be a good rider if you don’t know all about how horses think, react, move, and see the world. You may be an adequate technician, but you’ll never be a horseperson.


Want to earn a horse's respect? Spend some time with him.

Each horse will teach you many things during grooming.

 Does he love to have his face curried? Is he easily startled by movement? Can you find the spot near his withers where he LOVES to be scratched? Does he love or hate having his face washed with a vinegar rag? Does he have any unusual swelling in his legs? Is he standing evenly on all four legs?

Are his shoes secure? Are his feet clear of any rocks or objects?


Horses tell you secrets while you’re tacking.

Is he watching everything you’re doing? Do you have to tack him in any special ways because of cinchiness, or because of ear sensitivity? Is your bridle in good repair? See anything that looks like it’s coming undone, or would cause discomfort?


Horses first, the rest later.

It's the mantra.


Horses tell you many things after the ride.

After you bathe in the summer and vinegar spray in the cooler months, your horse will let you know where he most enjoys the post ride curry, and where he’d like extra attention during his face brushing.


Some horses enjoy cats sleeping on them, and some don't.


Horses will educate you removing and putting their clothes back on. Some horses need their clothes to be put on without going over the head, and some horses could care less about anything.


Some horses even enjoy being invited to a camp lunch.



All horses love to stand in front of the giant fans in the summer. Some will try to get as close as possible, some will try to watch everyone walking past, and some will want to just spend the day with you.

Each horse you encounter is an individual.

There’s a unique personality, body condition, level of intelligence, and physical gifts and limits in each horse you meet. Knowing these characteristics will make you a better horseperson, and rider.

Horses are dependent on their humans.

True horsepeople respect this, and spend quality time with their horse making sure they’re dry, well groomed, and are comfortable in their stall. Being a horseperson is a huge responsibility that requires time, patience, being uncomfortable in heat and cold, enduring flies, schedule changes, and riding through highs and lows.


We do it  to earn the trust and company of these amazing animals. There’s nothing better than the look of gratitude in a horse's eye.


 We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from these grand souls.



What's the News?


Big News!

If you run into Knollwood Kid Brooklyn, and her feet aren’t touching the ground, it’s probably because her parents purchased the beautiful mare Gamora for her to show in the equitation division. We’ll provide pics and more info soon, and we’re soooo excited to see Brooklyn and her new horse in the show ring this season!


What’s Coming Up?

April 1

It's no April Fools. April 1st is the deadline for entering the Knollwood Spring Show May 13-15, and to place your order for Knollwood jods. You can enter the show and try on size samples in the lounge.



April 9-10

IASPHA Spring Show

It's our first academy show of the season! Come join us at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois for a weekend of horse showing. The show barn is bringing a few horses for the show division, as well!


April 16

Parent’s Night Out


April 29-30

Academy Palooza

Join us for a Friday-Saturday show at Beyond Stable Farm. Three of our newest stars will be making their debuts at the show, and we can hardly wait!


May 1

Food Drive Starts

Our annual food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County starts on May 1 and continues through May 21, when we host the Knollwood Olympics. We hope everyone participates by getting donations of a minimum of five food kits, earning the right to participate in ‘games of skill’ on Saturday, May 21 at 5:30 PM.



May 5-8


Minnesota State Fairgrounds

The show barn is making their first big road trip to the beautiful facility in St Paul. If you’re looking to take a road trip, it’s a wonderful show to watch.



May 13-15

Knollwood Spring Show

Our three-day affair starts Friday night with pattern classes, and continues through Sunday. It’s going to be a blast, so be sure to get your entries in by April 1.  We have classes for everyone!



May 21

Knollwood Olympics

Let the games begin! ALL Knollwood Kids are invited to gather a minimum of five food kits to join the fun. Teams organized by days of the week participate in silly events and have tons of fun. The real winner is the Food Pantry of Waukesha County who receives our big donation at a time when their stocks run low.




See you at the barn.




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