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Hello Knollwood Families and Students,


With the ASAW SummerFun horse show fast approaching, the biggest A Circuit and Academy show of the year is upon us.  We weren't sure we'd be able to get to this point at all this year and we are so grateful that we have and that we get to showcase our horses and riders next week at the Milwaukee State Fair Grounds!

For us, these local shows are the highlight of our year.  There are lots of familiar faces and it's always a good competition.  While we are ready to fast forward to next week and enjoy the show, we would be remiss if we didn't mention some of the changes that are going to be a part of this years experience of SummerFun. 

After having our first show of the season for both the A team and the Academy team, we will be doing some things differently.  There will be regular dressing rooms, however we are asking that you still come to the show dressed to avoid any large congregations in the dressing rooms at one time.  We will also be bringing our coolers, but do ask, where ever possible, to bring your own refreshments and food along with you.  We are unsure of what the vendor situation will be at the grounds at this time and we will not be putting out communal snacks like we normally would.

Seating arrangements will also be different at the show.  We aren't sure yet what that will look like, but we know that the spacing of barn seating, and therefore location of barn seating, will be different.  Stay in touch with your instructors/trainers to get the news up to the minute! 

Lastly, masks will be required.  In the heat of July, wearing masks can be uncomfortable.  All we know is that wearing a mask and getting to be at a horse show is way better than not wearing a mask and not having a show to go to.  Please remember to bring your masks for when you are around and about at the grounds.  Riders do not need to wear masks while riding, but again are able to if they feel most comfortable without being penalized in anyway. 

Horse shows don't look quite the same as they used to without all of the spectators and parties, but to the riders, the instructors and the horses, horse shows feel the same.  We still get a thrill as we hit the in-gate with our horse.  Our instructors still look forward to seeing how we perform under pressure and the lessons we have yet to learn together.  Our horses still hear the cheers and feel the excitement of being somewhere new with horses they've never met.  We are so excited for next week and we hope you are too.  See you at the horse show!







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