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Team Knollwood enjoyed another weekend of horse shows in 2 states at the same time.


Eleven show horses started competition at the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday.

Sunday was a big day, with both Payton and Richie earning ribbons that advance them into the World’s Grand Championship of Senior Saddle Seat Equitation on Thursday evening.

Since Sunday, almost all of our horse and rider combinations have made it into the championship round.

This show features the best of the best, and earning a ribbon in that company is an unbelievable achievement, and we’re so proud of all the work that has gone into achieving these heights.


The show in Wisconsin was our summer in-barn show, the highlight of many Knollwood Kids’ school vacations.

We showcased 90 riders ranging from our leadline class on Sunday morning to our Knollwood Challenge qualifiers on Friday night.

We have a lot of thanks, and some random thoughts, too.


Thank you to our riders who made all of their instructors proud.

Judge Jeni had a hard time with many of the classes full of hard working riders.

In addition to the strong riding, our students also exhibited wonderful sportsmanship. We saw riders congratulating each other in the line up, and all over the farm, too.

The riders also took great care of the horses after the show, giving spa treatments after a long day of showing.



Thank you to the parents and riders who volunteered at the concession stand and other parts of the ‘fundrasing village.’

Thank to your efforts, the Knollwood Knockouts earned $2000, which will be a big help for the club’s donations and for funding the award banquet in February of 2024.

We ARE looking for additional parents to help for the fall show in October. Please talk to your instructor, or admin if you’d like to help the weekend of October 13-15.


Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography


Thank you to the best lesson horses in the world.

These boys and a few girls showed why they’re the best.

From patterns to walk and trot Sunday, they were all on their best behavior, which is their usual way.

Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography

We want you to know just how special this cast of characters is. They do lessons every day, camps in the summer, and horse shows at home. Some of them travel to shows away from home, too.

While they’re still horses which makes them unpredictable in some situations, they did a fantastic job again this weekend, with near perfect behavior.

Few horses are this close to ‘unicorn status,’ and we can’t possibly thank ours enough.


Thank you to the personal assistants who make the Sunday show so spectacular for our youngest show stars.

These ladies worked a long day prepping their horse, tacking and saddle changing as well as making sure stirrups were even and the right length.

Assistants serve as cheerleaders, barn moms, stand in instructors, and advice givers.

They’re the epitome of  Knollwood Kids, and we couldn’t do it without these gems.


Congratulations, and great thanks to everyone who participated in the show, or who helped make the show memorable for so many Knollwood Kids.


Our fall show is coming up October 13-15, and we’re taking entries through August 15. Please talk to your instructor with any questions.


What’s Coming Up?


Back to School

We understand that schedules change at the start of the school year. Please talk to your instructor if you'd like to change your lesson time or day of the week.



Futurity Academy Classes

Saturday, September 16

New Holland Pavillion, Madison WI

Join our academy riders for their division at the Futurity show. We'll be competing for state championships, and would love a big cheering section!


See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!








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