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Team Knollwood enjoyed a fun filled weekend at the Mid America Signature Show.  Held in the BIG outdoor ring at Ledges in Roscoe, the show enjoyed near perfect weather for three days of horse showing.



Mary and Laura had really nice rides and were very competitive in some big deep classes.  They earned some great ribbons for their efforts as well.


  The stars of the weekend were the 9 academy riders who joined us for the Saturday morning performance.


Spanning a broad spectrum of experience levels, our walk trot and canter riders started the Saturday show.  Two of our most experienced riders showed our 2 least experienced academy horses to help them along in their education.  Emma showed Cashew, officially known as Captain Kaos to nice ribbons, and even won the pattern class.  Calm, efficient Emma rode the academy rookie in her relaxed way and he is learning to enjoy his new role.

In her last show before heading off to the University of Wisconsin, seasoned academy star Jess rode Joey, officially known as Rumors of War, in his second academy performance.  Not the bravest soul, Joey looked really comfortable in the big classes, and we could see his confidence increasing throughout the morning.


Great thanks to our two experienced riders for helping our future academy horse stars get comfortable in their new roles.



Jordan and Panic were a vision in the big sunny ring.

 Panic never saw a straightaway he didn't want to get down, and never met a horse he didn't want to pass.  He and Jordan were working as a team on Saturday, and were rewarded for their enthusiasm and great skills with great ribbons, including the 14-17 equitation championship.


First year cantering rider Maddie teamed up with Baxter who thought the big sunny ring was just meant for him.  This charismatic team presented themselves as the ones to beat, and no one could. They won their equitation qualifier as well as the 13 and under championship.


Our two walk and trot academy riders were stars as well. 

Sofia just started showing with us this season, having started her riding at a different barn.  She's been working really hard, and is enjoying the tested process that leads to success in the show ring.  She and Baxter enjoyed their time in the sun this weekend, and even won their equitation qualifier.  We're pretty impressed by the progress of our newest 'Knollwood Kid.'


Richie enjoyed a new experience this weekend, showing Eddie, one of our fabulous Morgan academy horses.  A show ring standout, Richie enjoyed making the ring his own with passes off the rail with Eddie looking every bit the show horse. Eddie may not have been the fanciest horse in the ring, but Richie made him believe he was. The dynamic duo was rewarded for their efforts, with 9 year old Richie winning the 13 and under walk and trot equitation championship.


We're thrilled with all the rides last weekend.  We learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and greatly enjoyed all the hospitality provided by the Mid America Horse Show Association. Richie and Sofia even got to represent Knollwood in the water balloon fight after the academy performance.

Possibly the best way to finish a hot show performance?


What's next?



Team Knollwood will all be home this weekend, the first time that's happened since  before Midwest in June!


The following weekend brings the big ASAW/Knollwood Knockouts Summer Showcase in Cedarburg.  We'll be at the show with lots of horses and riders, and we'll be asking all the Knockouts to pitch in and help up put on this great event.  Details are coming soon.

See you at the barn!


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