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Team Knollwood enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend at the IASPHA Fall show in Woodstock.

The entire farm was represented, with Carol and Lin and their three training horses, our two ‘B’ horses, and 20 academy riders.

The hospitality and décor was outstanding, as usual. What really stood out at this marvelously large academy show was the way show management calmly added 15 classes to the Sunday afternoon performance to make room for all the academy riders.

Management was also brilliant to hire a judge who could do it all. Kelly Hulse presided over everything from performance classes to three splits of some academy age groups, and remained efficient and thoughtful to the end.

We can’t wait for the spring IASPHA show April 14-16, 2023!


Here are some of our favorite stories of the weekend.

Jane and Willis Continued Their Winning Ways

Jane and the beautiful, if not always brave, Willis finished their season by winning another beautiful traveling trophy.

At the Wisconsin Futurity show, Team Willis won the Adult Country Pleasure championship, and get to hold onto the Lynn Bazen Perpetual Memorial Trophy for a full year.

Last weekend, Jane and Willis won the Adult Country Pleasure Championship again, and received the beautiful Ann Carroll Memorial Trophy, which is theirs to hold until fall of 2023.



Klem And Lin Save The Day

It all started with a loose horse running towards facility owner Amy’s beautiful hay field. He was not coming back from his run.

Enter assistant trainer Lin who jumped onto Klem with a halter and a leadshank. She and a very confused Klem made their way to the hay field to lure the running horse back.

It was at this moment that Klem decided that he could not canter, but could indeed trot really fast.

The loose horse came to Klem, which is no surprise, as everyone is drawn to our sausage-shaped personality-plus Morgan.

Of course, Klem spent the rest of the evening talking all about his grand adventure.


Academy Was Huge

We’re fortunate to be in an area with super strong academy programs, and most of them were at the show this weekend.

Classes were split, competition was deep, and we had a blast.

Many of our walk and trot riders were showing for only the second time, and they were wonderful.

Trivia fact of the weekend?  Knollwood Kids won all five pattern class offerings.

Jules won the first split of walk trot and canter pattern with Samara capturing the second.

Sophia, Jilly, and Kali each won a section of the walk and trot pattern classes.


The most satisfying part of the weekend was admiring the progress all our riders have made since the beginning of the season. They all rode beautifully.



What’s Coming Up?


Knockout Street Clean Up

This Saturday at 1:00 PM

The Knockouts will enjoy another beautiful Fall day, and clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads for the winter. It’s a fun way to meet new friends, earn your Knockout service hours, and beautify the barn neighborhood.

Stay for the club meeting immediately following!




Knockout Bowling Party

Sunday, November 6

4-6 PM

Sussex Bowl

The Knockouts are having a bowling get-together, and all members are invited to join the fun. You can sign up and pay your $20 in the school barn by November 4 to join the fun.




The UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show

November 7-12

Kansas City

Team Knollwood will be competing at the National Championship show which features top teams from all over the country. Performance horses will be vying for national titles, and equitation riders will be competing in the last two finals of the competition season. The UPHA Challenge Cup Finals and the USEF Medal Final winners will be decided at the most important equitation show of the season.

The show will be webcast for a fee, and we’ll provide that info.



Turkey Trot Academy Show

November 18-19

Beyond Stable Farm


Knollwood’s Academy Team will be heading out to their final show of the season.  Our team for this show features both seasoned academy stars, some riders competing for only the second time, as well as two riders competing for the very first time.

It’s not a long drive to Woodstock, Illinois, so please come and cheer us on!




The Holidays are Coming!

If you'd like to purchase stirrups for your Knollwood Kid, please talk to Ann who will order our preferred irons and leathers in the correct size for each rider. You'll have the same equipment used by our champion show riders!

Reminder, all academy show riders are required to have their own stirrups for the 2023 season.






Knollwood Knockouts Holiday Party and 2023 Elections

Saturday, December 10 at 6:00 PM

All Knockout members are invited to their holiday party at the farm. (Parents are welcome, too, and can bring their favorite beverages...)

We'll have a team scavenger hunt, pizza, campaign speeches, election of club officers for 2023, and an optional gift exchange.

Be sure to save the date!




 Photo by Hanna Agathen


See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!




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