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We’re in the thick of Knollwood Summer 2022, and we’re loving it!


Last weekend, Team Knollwood had a blast at our ‘home show,’ ASAW Summerfun. Wisconsin State Fair Park is a beautiful facility, especially on a beautiful Wisconsin weekend like we had. Vicky and her staff run a great show, making it a truly enjoyable weekend for all.

Some Knollwood Highlights?

Bella and her beautiful ‘boys’ joined us for the show, and she dominated her classes. Her beautiful country pleasure horse Garfield, officially known as Far Away Garfield won their qualifier, and finished reserve champions.

Bella and her charismatic 5 gaited horse Tyler, officially known as Showdown, won both their qualifier and the amateur championship!

Her sister Lily showed ‘always up for a horse show’ Tucker, officially known as CH Fine by Me in the equitation division, as well.

Even their cousins made the trip from NYC!



Team on the Move!

Brooklyn and her beautiful mare Gamora are quickly becoming a team to admire. At Summerfun, they won the Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion, so they’re on their way to St Louis for the finals in the fall!



Horsemanship Challenge Adventures

Knollwood was well represented in the 2nd annual UPHA Chapter ¾ Horsemanship Challenge. Open to experienced riders aged 14 and over, the class is a true test of horsemanship, as the riders pick their horse supplied by another farm for the event out of a hat the day before.

Allison, Margit and Richie earned the right to represent Knollwood  by winning Carol's 'rider lottery' and rocked the competition. In a class of 14, both Richie and Margit made the top 10.

After the judge picked her top 4 riders, she asked them to get off their horses and get on the horse to their left for a final ride. Richie happened to be next to our always enthusiastic Sport, and he rode to the first place in the competition.

Congratulations to all the riders who took the challenge!


Our Academy Team Made Us Proud. Again.

The academy division at Summerfun is traditionally the deepest of the season, and Vicky always finds judges who enjoy judging the classes. This year, Maria Gilman gave riders some challenging patterns, and really let them ride on the rail.

Our riders all turned in strong performances, learned lessons along the way, and earned some pretty ribbons and artwork, too.

Sofia and home bred Nacho, officially known as Trust Fund Blues, won the Walk, Trot and Canter championship, Hannah and Murphy, officially known as Irish Victory, won the 11 and over Walk and Trot championship, and last year’s green champion Jilly won the first split of the 10 and Under Walk Trot Championship on Thomas, officially known as Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat.

We’re so grateful for Brooklyn, Emma, Hanna, Heather, and Margit for their mentoring and horse care throughout the performance.


The Race to Lexington

So, Carol and the horses left for Lexington on Thursday while Summerfun was going strong. Scott got horses home from the Wisconsin show, and headed right to Kentucky. (And the Dallens raced to their car right after Richie's 3 Gaited Championship with Sophie so he and Tori could beat Scott to their horses waiting in Lexington.)

Horses started showing on Monday morning, and Knollwood is having a great show already. The equitation riders are rocking it, and the performance horses are doing great. Lexington is one of the three deepest shows of the season, and any ribbon is quite an accomplishment.

First year show horse rider Amelia is riding to the top, earning a 5th place ribbon in a stacked UPHA Challenge Cup qualifier, and coming back in her 13 and under championship to earn a reserve title.

Tori and her new horse Stella, officially known as Stella’s Stilettos, rode like rockstars, and earned a 5th place ribbon in their 14 horse championship!

There are still 2 days of showing to go, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


Meanwhile, at the home office:


Friday, July 15 is the last day we’re accepting entries for the Knollwood Summer Show!

You won't want to miss the summer celebration!



Sunday, July 17 is the big Knockout Car wash and brat bash at the Fox Brothers’ Piggly Wiggly in Hartland. If you haven’t already signed up to join fellow club members raise funds, you can still sign up here.

If you’re not able to help, please invite your friends and family to come get their cars washed, and to enjoy some terrific food served by super friendly Knockout families.

We’ll be there between 11 and 3.



The Knollwood Show is Coming up Fast on August 19-21.

It’s never too soon to make sure you have the correct attire for the show. Please ask your instructor if you have any questions. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend!

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll rain date the event to the following weekend!



See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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