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All of Team Knollwood is home from their most recent adventures. The show barn left Summerfun for a trip to the Lexington Junior League Horse Show, and what a week they had.

The Junior League Show is steeped in tradition and southern hospitality yet it offers new state of the art facilities including arena footing that can handle any summer storm.

All of our horses and riders were spectacular in the big Rolex arena, and we have stories to share.

Rookie Amelia showing in her first season out of academy rode like she’d been doing this forever. Amelia and Eva turned in killer patterns in equitation qualifiers that featured both junior and senior competitors. Keep in mind that Amelia is 11.

Amelia’s championship even featured a three way tie with the judges cards, so she and Eva got to go back to the rail for a ride-off.

We’re so proud of all of Amelia’s hard work, and the concentration and joy she brings to the ring. We suspect she might have ice in her veins.


Richie and Leila were striking in Rolex Arena. Competing in his first year in the senior division, he was in the thickest equitation competition of the season. Richie and Leila picked up a third place ribbon in their qualifier, and then finished a fabulous fifth in the championship of 16.


Tori and Stella keep getting better. This dynamic duo looked beautiful in the southern sun, and pulled off a big 5th place ribbon in a 14 horse Country Pleasure Championship. You can see that Tori and Stella have a strong mutual admiration society, and they’re a pleasure to watch.


Heather and Sammy were a sight in the senior equitation division.

In a classic Heather moment, after she won the USEF Medal qualifier, she was met at the gate for a quick interview. When RH asked her what she thought of her pattern, she answered, ‘Not good. Not good.’

She had made an error and won the class anyway, and was most concerned about falling short in her mind, as well as in Scott and Carol’s. The grace and humility these kids show is amazing to us.

Heather recovered, and finished reserve champion in the senior equitation championship of 16 riders, and even received a first place vote for her performance.



Margit and her boys were so fun to watch.

She and Robert competed against some of the best 3 gaited show pleasure horses in the country, and earned a ribbon in both their qualifier and championship.

Margit and Charlie have a special bond, and these two also earned great ribbons in their 5 gaited show pleasure qualifier and championship.


Payton. Just Payton.

We’ve said that she had to have been a horse in a former life. She loves all horses, and can ride the hair off of any of them.

She had a long shopping experience for a new equitation horse, and patience certainly paid off. Payton and Gigi, officially known as Isn’t She Something lit up the arena with their athleticism and grace each time they entered the ring.

They were a sight, and the future is bright, bright, bright.



News From Home

Our Summer Riding School and specialty camps are continuing through August 26, and we're having a blast.


The Knockouts ran a successful car wash last Sunday, and raised over $1000 for club activities. Club officers and parents were joined by many new families who lent a hand and got involved with the club.

In addition to car washing, the Knockouts also staffed the brat shack and we have some professional grillers in the group. They’re already signed up for next year’s edition!


Academy and some show horses are heading to the sold out IASPHA Summer Show next weekend. We’re heading to Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock to enjoy a weekend in the cool covered outdoor arena.

We’d love a cheering section, so please come and join us! Those of you who ride on Saturdays may notice that the helper staff will be different on the 30th. The World Famous Saturday Helpers are making a weekend of it, and are all showing at IASPHA! Great thanks to everyone filling in at home so the crew can make the show trip together.



The Knollwood Show is ready to go on August 19-21.

Some reminders and updates:

The shirt color has changed due to supply chain woes. Riders will now be wearing raspberry color shirts.

Sign up sheets for gift baskets are posted, and are filling in fast. Baskets are a really fun way to support the show and the Knockouts, so please check the signups the next time you’re at the barn.


You can sign up here to help with show set up, tear down, the concession stand, or gift basket assembly.


Hospitality suites are back! You can enjoy the show from the comfort of a shaded tent, comfy seating, food delivered to you, and a free photo from Hanna Agathen Photography.

Bids that benefit the Knockouts are being taken on the tackroom door.


We’re happy to announce our judging panel for the weekend!

Lifelong saddlebred exhibitor, Knollwood Kid, and our friendly Tuesday office admin Jane will be judging the Friday night performance. And yes, she’s already studying the patterns.

We’re thrilled to have Terri Anne Ullman joining us to judge the Saturday and Sunday show performances. She’s a passionate Saddlebred exhibitor, all around great person, and now owns Winsome Farm in Oconomowoc.



See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!





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