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Happy Sunday, everyone. 

Sundance, master of the pasture and wellness guru to the best lesson horses in the world here.

While the humans around Knollwood have been struggling of late with colds and influenza, we equines remain healthy as, well, horses.

We all got together and decided to let you sorry people in on our successful wellness regimen.  You may not agree with all of it, but none of us is coughing, shaking, or down with ‘mansickness.’


Drink Water. Lots of It.

We horses enjoy gallons of water everyday. When we’re out on chilly night, we enjoy it really warm while room temperature is the recipe inside.

And yes, when outside, we even share from the same tank.


Exercise With Friends.


What’s better than a fitness class with friends? Group lessons help keep our immune systems working while we joke with each other about what’s going on in the class. (Just in case you didn’t know.)

And lessons while the arena heater is on? Think of all those hot yoga classes you pay for.

We get them every day.

Included with our salary.


Preventative Health Care.

We have the best.

Even though some of my employees get a little dramatic about their immunizations, there are no anti-vaxxers here. Our imposing vet makes even the most namby pamby horse agree that shots are in their best interest.


Enjoy A Busy Social Life.

We herd horses enjoy evening fellowship every evening at the round bale. We can discuss the events of the day, solve the problems of our small world, and eat our hearts out.

Box stall boys enjoy recess several days a week in the sunshine. They play games, roll in mud, bother the broodmares, and taunt the ponies. What could be better?



Yes, we all enjoy plenty of nap time.

From Fred to Klem, all the boys enjoy a good lay down. While Fred may at times appear dead, he’s still quite alive, as his snoring will attest.

Naps are deepest after a good hot bran mash on a cold day.



Get Dirty.

We live in a dirty horse world. No hand sanitizer here. 

Our immune systems are well exercised, with lots of fresh air, great food, fun work, and wonderful group of cats, dogs, horses, and people to count as friends.

Hope you silly humans have gotten some useful information from the best lesson horses in the world.


Just like the humans at Knollwood, we love what we do.

Stay healthy, humans!



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