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Hi Everyone, Forest Here.

I’m a Norwegian Fjord, and even I am sick of winter 2019.

  Don’t tell anyone, but I was actually born in Beloit, and as long as we’re sharing secrets, I’m living under an assumed name.  That’s enough secrets for now.


Here are my top reasons for being done with this whole winter thing:

Sleep Deprivation

  Have you ever tried to sleep on cold icy ground? I thought not.

It’s not very comfortable unless you sleep on the hay, but hay is for eating, people.


The Arena Heater Dilemma

So, all the fancy saddlebred ‘academy show horses’ get to work in the arena when the heater is on.  I however, do groups, and am usually accompanied by my best friend and bodyguard, Frank the Pony. He has an unnatural fear of the arena heater and thinks he should run away whenever it turns on.  Hence, groups are done with the heater off.

I am suffering.


The Ice = Seasonal Weight Gain

How am I supposed to continue my strenuous fitness routine when my pasture is icy? I’ve been doing my best just to stay upright while eating. A lot.

And don’t tell me to eat less and exercize more.  I’m starving here!



I hate wearing clothes, but they’re necessary when trying to ward off the wind. I feel like a failure as a Norwegian when I have to don my thinsulate jacket.


Personal Hygiene Suffers

I need a bath!

I’m longing for warm summer days when I get to enjoy warm baths after work.  Plus, I really enjoy drinking my bathwater, too!


I’m Trapped Inside for Lessons

This time of year, all of our lessons are done inside.  I have to be extra creative being naughty in lessons, as there aren’t as many distractions.  Thanks to Frank, I can’t even use the heater as an excuse.


Those Darn Broodmares In The Next Pasture

So, they don’t have foals yet, they’re just two ornery fat mares at the moment. They bicker ALL THE TIME, and fight over food. I can’t wait until they have foals and they can change the topic to ‘I have a  prettier baby!’


But of course, being a Norwegian at heart, I try to embrace the spirit of Hygge, or coziness for the season.

How do I remain positive?



I get to wear coolers after removing my hellish blanket and enjoying a thorough grooming.  Nap time in my cooler also gives me extra time to practice my escape plans, for which I’m famous. I can appear to be napping while I slither under my butt chain and eat at will after out of my slip stall.



While napping, I dream of show season and camps.

The instructors are taking entries for the Knollwood spring show which is happening on May 4 and 5.  I, of course, am a star that weekend. Be sure to get your entry in soon so you have a chance of riding me, a real celebrity at the show.


Parents, if you'd like to volunteer some time at the show, you can do it here.


I love summer camp! We have some openings for camp, so be sure to check our our website, www.knollwoodfarmltd.com for  availability.  Of course, you can always talk to Ann or Nancy at 262-367-2391, or stop by for a look around!


This Weekend is Busy!

Scott and Carol may in Texas conducting a clinic, but Knollwood will be in full swing. 

We’re even holding a meeting for parents who would like to become more involved with the Knockouts. You can sign up to come in the school barn lounge, and you’ll enjoy meeting other parents, enjoy a tasty lunch, and learn how you can help some great kids.



If there are any left overs, you know who would enjoy them, and you know where to find me.


See you at the barn!




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