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This storm was mind blowing.

It really wasn't the initial crazy snow and wind that tested our resolve, after all, we're seasoned Wisconsinites.

We must admit that the two days without power in subarctic temps and wind was mind numbing.

We owe debts of gratitude to everyone who lent a hand to get us through our lastest adventure.


Our staff was nothing short of amazing.

From toting buckets of water in Scott's truck from the show barn to the school barn (the show barn had a bigger generator), to cleaning stalls and taking care of horses in the dark, everyone pitched in to keep horses safe and happy.


Our customers were lifesavers.

They donated generators they weren't using, and helped us get them running.

They took Hazel Belle and Izzy to their homes for play dates.

They brought hot food and beverages to our staff.

Heck, Tracy even took Carol out for drinks on Saturday, which was just what our field marshall needed.

Great thanks to everyone who helped us through these difficult days. 

It's appreciated more than you know.



See you soon at the warm, toasty barn!






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