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Hey, all you new learn at home Knollwood Kids of all ages, it's time for film class!

We're holding a school horse video contest with YOU being the lesson horse of your choice.  Simply video yourself imitating your favorite, or most dramatic school horse in your choice of category.

You can choose from:

  In the stall

  In the arena

  In the pasture


You build the set, you write the script, (if there's speaking involved, and we KNOW some of these horses talk...) and you play the part.  Family members and pets are welcomed as supporting actors.

Last Tuesday, our last day open to the public, we enlisted the help of some riders to get the ball rolling. This acting company made a few videos to get you started:




 This is one of our favorites, with Emme and Maiya demonstrating Big Frank's unique skill of ALMOST being caught before he manages to escape. Every time.

 We're accepting entries through April 1.

Please submit your entries in the comments of the Facebook post, and we'll award prizes in each of the three divisions: stall, pasture, and arena. Please add a description of the horse you're portraying, and the situation involved.

We can't wait to see all your creative videos!

We can't wait to see you all in person again. 


The horses miss you!



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