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Hi Everyone, Sundance here, AKA the Master of the Pasture.

First of all, we all miss you already. The barn is way too quiet, even with Klem talking. Nonstop.

I hope you're all studying hard in your online courses. I was caught unprepared for the current situation, so I am allowing the best lesson horses in the world to study a topic that is especially interesting to them.

I'm listing in alphabetical order each of my staff's study topics.  Some of their choices may shock you, but I'm guessing that most of them won't. You all know these fellows pretty well.


Baxter will enjoy his corner office with 2 windows, and research the effects of sunlight on the psyche of horses.


Big Frank will study equine anatomy to further his skills of getting away from humans trying to catch him in the pasture.


Cashew  will research new ways to crib even with his collar on.


Dexter  will practice Tai Chi in his stall to remain calm in these uncertain times.


Dudley will read up on the history of the Canadian Mounties, as he’s named after one.  He will also lead group exercise classes in the pasture.

Duke  will re-write the book on strategies for Steal the Crop.


Eddie will rewrite the UPHA pattern book.


Fred will study the science and benefits of sleep.


Hooper will read up on the history of nudism to see if he can find a location where he can live free of clothing.


Hugo will try to get out of school by lying down and pretending to not be in his stall.


Joey is too sad to study well without his Monday visits from Whitney and Rachel, but he'll try so soldier on with his anger management courses.


Klem will  learn about investing so he can make lots of $$ when this is all over. He's especially interested in investing in the food industry.



Leon will study up on the history of Knollwood so he get a feel for the place, and for all of the fantastic lesson horses who have come before him.


Little Frank will study the works of Houdini in the hope of perfecting his stall escape act.

Mark is excused from further learning.


Murphy will study the history of the beauty pageant system.


Panic will study Richfield Video Archives to find past performances of great gaited horses.


Picasso  will study the history of the American west so he can better understand his people.


Sparky will earn his PhD in child psychology and continue his meditation practice.


Sundance? I shall continue my studies of group psychology and coaching while I keep my herd in line. 


Thomas will serve as as social director for Leon as he slowly is introduced to the rest of the Knollwood gang.


Tony will work on his physics so he can pull on his bridle with more precision to teach his students how to properly operate his bridle.


As the youngest lesson horse, Vaughn is looking to his future and will start his studies in management in the hopes of one day leading the herd.


Willy will read up on locksmithing so he can find his way into the feed room and snack whenever he wishes.


As a life long learner, Brinkley will continue to further his education even in his retirement.  Because he misses his spa treatments from Addison, he'll study up and offer spa treatments to his fellow lesson horses.


I hope your studies are going well, and we all look forward to seeing you soon!!





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