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Now that school is out, summer is a great time to spend more time at the barn. It’s also a really busy time at Knollwood, with a busy show travel schedule and oodles of lessons and camps at home.

Riders can improve their skills by following these steps. Time spent in your horse’s stall is invaluable in learning how he thinks and reacts to things. It’s also a chance to take fantastic care of your riding partner in the warm weather. Horses can’t give themselves baths, brush themselves up, or fill their own water bucket. It’s up to us to take care of our priceless lesson horses.

Here are ways to be a great Knollwood Kid this summer and beyond!


Be on Time


You’ll want to arrive at the barn 30 minutes before your lesson to get your horse ready for your lesson. After you check the lesson chart, you can get your tack and spend some quality time with your horse getting him ready for the lesson.

This timing will let you head to the arena 5 minutes before the start of your lesson.


Be Ready to Ride

Make sure you’re wearing your jods and boots, a fitted tucked in shirt, helmet, gloves, and long hair pulled back off your face.

Remember, once you’ve been enrolled for 3 months, correct riding clothing is required. Proper equipment contributes to safety, and helps riders progress quickly.


Be Ready to Mentally Contribute to Your Lesson

Learning to ride is a cooperative process. You’ll want to be focused to you can ask questions about what you’re learning, and be ready to try your best.


Be Ready to Take Care of Your Horse

Summer is warm, and horses require extra care in the heat.

Start by untacking your horse and removing any boots or leg wraps.

It’s bath time! If there isn’t already warm bath water on the driveway, make a bucket and take your horse out for a bath using an entire bucket of water. Pay special attention to places that tack touches, and in-between your horses legs.

Towel him dry, and then a full grooming is due.

After your horse is cool, dry, and shiny, it’s time to put tack away, hang up your horse’s halter, and thank him for the lesson.


Be Helpful

Help other riders.

Pick up poop.

Brush up horses for upcoming lessons.

Ask instructors or barn manager how you can help.


What’s coming up?


Midwest Charity

  Team Knollwood is competing at Midwest this week. The 2022 show is a fantastic, sold-out show, and the competition is amazing. You show is being livestreamed on Richfield Video TV.



KF Summer Show Entries

We're taking entries for the Knollwood Summer show through July 15. Please check with your instructor to see which classes are best for you!




Oshkosh Charity

  The Oshkosh Charity show is coming up June 23-26 at beautiful Sunnyview Expo. The grounds are park like, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

  We’ll he heading them there with show horses and academy riders. It’s a short road trip if you’d like to enjoy the hospitality of the show.



Closed July 4

We’ve cancelled lessons on Monday, July 4 in honor of Independence Day. Your account will be credited for the missed lesson.





Team Knollwood’s ‘home show’ is coming up at Wisconsin State Fair Park on July -10. We’ll be there with lots of horses and academy riders. Please come cheer us on!


Closed July 9

We’ve cancelled lessons on Saturday, July 9 so everyone can attend Summerfun. We’ll credit your account for the missed lesson.


July 17 Car Wash and Brat Bash

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The Knockouts’ wettest fundraiser of the year is coming up on Sunday, July 17.

We’ll be washing cars and manning the brat shack at the Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly in Hartland. Please sign up to work a shift or 2, as this is one of the club’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Plus, it’s so much fun!!



KF Summer Show August 19-21

It’s coming up!

Once again, it’s a three day show, and we’ve made a few changes to the schedule.

Friday evening will begin at 6:00 PM, and we’ll hold ALL of the pattern classes at the Friday performance. Both walk trot canter and walk trot patterns will follow the Knollwood Challenge qualifiers on Friday evening.

The Saturday schedule marks the return of our Premier Walk and Trot Division! Walk and trot riders who have shown away from home will compete against others who have shown as well.

This division gives our academy kids the chance to show in the BIG outdoor ring, to show against riders of similar experience, and to open up the Sunday walk and trot classes to our up and coming riders.



See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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