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Team Knollwood has returned from the heat of Springfield, Illinois, and they appear to have  brought the summer weather back with them. 

Fans, water, and great customers with talented horses made it a wonderful week. The competition was intense with many exhibitors calling this year’s Midwest Charity a ‘mini Louisville.’ It sure was great preparation for upcoming trips to Lexington and Louisville.

We have a few stories to share



This child was most definitely a very game horse in a former life. Payton beams as she goes around the ring even in the crazy summer heat.

In addition to finishing 3rd in a deep Medal qualifier, 6th in the Good Hands qualifier, Reserve Champion in the senior pleasure equitation final and second in the pleasure equitation qualifier, she pulled off back to back classes on one of the hottest morning of the show.

Payton showed beautiful Gigi, officially known as Isn’t She Something to a brilliant second place finish in their pleasure qualifier. That was class 48.

Payton trotted back into class 49 to show Thaylee, officially known as Choo Choo Dakota to a great 3rd place finish in the Open English Pleasure qualifier.

Rumor has it that her coat had to be hung in the tackroom with several fans blowing to get it ready for the rest of the show.

Thaylee is the Duerr’s latest rescue project, and Payton rode her brilliantly. These two even ended up Reserve Grand Champions of the division on Friday!

Great thanks to the Duerrs for saving these souls. You may remember Rescue Riddle from the past couple of seasons. You’ll hear more about him shortly.


The Rookies

Four of last year’s academy stars have moved up to the show divisions this season, and they’re making names for themselves already.

Alexa is showing Aaron in senior pleasure equitation, and her poise and elegance earned them a second place finish in the Saddle and Bridle Medallion qualifier, and a 7th place finish in the senior pleasure equitation championship!

Amelia is teaming with beautiful Ava this season in the junior pleasure equitation division. This personality plus duo turned in nice rides, and pulled off a 3rd place finish in the Saddle and Bridle Medallion qualifier, and a brilliant 3rd place finish in the junior pleasure equitation championship.

Brooklyn and her family are the proud new owners of charismatic Gamora. This firey mare and firey on the inside Brooklyn make a very compelling picture, especially because Brooklyn looks cool as a cucumber in the ring. These two finished second in the UPHA Challenge Cup for riders 13 and under.

Maiya is fortunate to be teamed with Rescue Riddle, officially known as Who’s on First. He’s big, beautiful, and loves his job. We owe huge thanks to the Duerr family for saving his kind soul.

Maiya hit the ring ready to go, finishing second in the pleasure equitation challenge cup qualifier, 5th in the Good Hands qualifier which is for junior AND senior riders, and finished the reserve grand champin of the 13 and under pleasure equitation division on Saturday.


Tori's New Adventure

Tori and new partner, Stella, who’s officially known as Stella’s Stilettos, hade a wonderful show as they got to know each other better. Tori and Stella are a mutual admiration society, and it shows in the ring.


Knollwood Horsemanship and Friendship


Haley and Erika have known each other for a long time, and they had the chance to compete against each other at Midwest.

Triple Crown of Equitation winner Haley is in great demand as a catch rider for other trainers. She showed a horse for Richmond DeHart at Midwest, winning both her qualifier and champonship.

Hard working Erika showed Trust Fund Blues, known around the barn as Frito. This 4 year old was born at Knollwood, and belongs to Scott and Carol.  Erika has been helping him gain experience and confidence, and her hard work paid off at Midwest, finished second in a big championship. 

All their lessons paid off as these two displayed horsemanship, friendship, and sportsmanship in the ring.

We're so proud of our Knollwood Kids' achievements both in the ring and in life.



Meanwhile at the home office…

We’re accepting entries for the Knollwood Summer Show on August 19-21, and entries close on July 15.

We’ve inserted a handy graphic to help with your show prep. Please contact your instructor with any questions you may have.

Please be sure you’re a Knollwood Knockout member so we can accumulate your show point towards year end awards.

We have some back numbers missing from the spring show. Please check and make sure you’ve returned yours to stay off ‘the list.’


Camps are in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. Midwest week and this week are full of pattern campers, and our favorite, Tiny Tot campers. Knollwood Summer 2022 if in high gear!


What’s Coming Up?

Oshkosh Charity Show

Show horses left for Oshkosh on Tuesday, and the show starts on Thursday. Academy horses will stay home until Friday afternoon so they can finish their work at pattern camp.

The schedule will be posted soon, and unfortunately, there’s no webcast. It’s worth a trip to the show to watch in the beautiful facility.


ASAW Summerfun Show

Our ‘home show’ will be held at State Fair Park on July 7-10 with the academy performance on Saturday. The facility and hospitality is fantastic, and we love the big Knollwood cheering section. Please join us!!


Lexington Junior League Horse Show

Lexington runs July 11-16, so we have some pretty fancy logistics happening.

It’s one of the BIG at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Rolex Arena, and it’s an event that been around since 1937. Southern atmosphere and tradition abounds at this one.

It will be webcast on Richfield Video, and it’s SO worth the subscription to watch!


Knollwood Knockout Car Wash

Sunday, July 17

All Knockout members and parents are asked to join us at the Fox Brothers Piggle Wiggly in Hartland for a day of fundraising and soaking fun.

We’ll take over the brat shack and wash cars. All the proceeds go to the Knockouts, and it’s one of our biggest club fundraisers of the year. It takes a lot of hands to carry this off, and it’s a really fun way to earn your club service hours.

You can sign up here, or in the school barn lounge.


Knollwood Summer Show

August 19-21

It’s coming!

We’ll do ALL patterns including both KF Challenge classes, including walk and trot patterns on Friday night starting at 6:00 PM, which is half an hour earlier than in the past.

We’re happy to report that Jane will be judging the pattern section on Friday.

Saturday will feature the addition of the Premier Walk and Trot division. All walk and trot stars who have shown away from home will have the chance to show in the big arena against others who have show out of barn.

Sunday will start with our leadline competitors and then continue to maiden riders, and then our 8-10 year olds.

We can hardly wait!



See you soon at the barn, or at the ingate!


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