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2021 marks the 10th year of a grand Knollwood tradition, our spring food drive. Benefitting the Food Pantry of Waukesha County, we are proud to say that we’ve donated more than 10,000 pounds of food to our local food bank over the last decade.

What began as a small Knollwood helpers event, has grown and evolved into a total Team Knollwood phenomenon involving all members who’d like to support our neighbors in need, and create Olympic memories in the process.

2020 and 2021 have been a tough time for many in our community, and food pantries are feeling the pinch. Additionally, schools will be out soon for summer break, and many students will no longer be receiving lunch at school.


Enter Team Knollwood.

Any rider who would like to collect five food kits is eligible to join a team and compete at our 10th year of silliness, the  Knollwood Olympics on Saturday, May 15 at 6:00 PM.

A food kit consists of:

Food Kit

*Instant Potatoes


*Can of Vegetables

*Can of Fruit

*Can of Soup

*Box of Jell-O

*Boxed Dessert

*Box of Cereal


Food barrels are ready for your donations in the show barn lounge.


Simply put the items into a bag, write your name and the day of the week that you ride on the outside of the bag, and we’ll tally for you.

If you have friends or family who prefer to make a financial contribution, they can write a check to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County and we’ll deliver it.

The cash equivalent of a food kit is $15.


The Teams


Knollwood Kids are placed on teams based on the day of the week that they ride. Each team will have riders of different ages, and the team captain will assign different members to different events.


The Events


Through the years, we've competed in many, many games of 'skill,' including:

Blanket Race

Blind Buggy Race

Helmet Toss

Hop, Skip, and Wrap

Wheelbarrow Obstacle Races

School Horse Charades

Relay Race


Got an idea for a fun Olympic event? Please pass it on to your instructor!



Please have your food kits and checks to the farm by May 10 so we can set up the teams.


We can hardly wait!




What’s Coming Up?

IASPHA Spring Show

We’re off to our first show of the season! We have three academy riders making their show ring debuts, and Tori will be showing in a suit for the first time on her new horse, Frankie.

Come join us at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois. We’d love a cheering section!



Knollwood Show Entries Due

April 25

Entries for the Knollwood Spring show are due April 25. Please check with your instructor to see which classes are right for you.



Academy Palooza

April 30 and May 1

The UPHA spring show has been reborn as an all academy event at Beyond Stable Farm.  We have riders making their cantering debuts on Friday night, and two more walk and trot riders making their show ring debuts on Saturday morning.

Come join us!



Knockouts Street Cleanup

Saturday, May 1

1:00 PM

Join your Knockout friends as we clean up the neighborhood for spring! We’ll be sprucing up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads, and we’re looking for Knollwood Kids of all ages to help.

Permission slips from the City of Delafield are required, and will be available in the school barn shortly.



Knollwood Spring Show

May 22-23

Join us for a full weekend of fun outside.





See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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