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Photo by Hanna

Team Knollwood has just returned from the IASPHA Spring Horse Show, the first of the 2021 campaign. From riders showing for the very first time to an experienced horsewoman returning to the show ring after a too long absence, we have stories to share!




Sport’s Debut

Our newest lesson horse, Calaways Never Wanted More (AKA Sport) made his debut as a Knollwood lesson horse last weekend.

He’s beginning to understand the meaning of the term ‘Mattonizing’ and teamed with smooth riding Maya to have a most successful show. Maya and Sport won all of their classes on the rail, and even finished third in the pattern class.

As you can see, it really tired him out, and he enjoyed a nap filled Sunday.

He’ll continue his education this summer, showing academy with Maya, and traveling to horse shows with Carol and the equitation riders to be the practice horse.

Sport is a keeper!




Jane’s Return

Jane has been a lifelong saddlebred exhibitor, riding her entire life. After retiring from a career in health care, she decided to get back into the show ring this season. Jane is leasing Tura Lura Lura to show in the pleasure divisions with Knollwood.

Jane made her return last weekend, and looked like she’d never left the show ring, even finishing a strong 5th in her championship class.




Tatum’s New Partner

Third generation of the riding Honkamps, Tatum rode into the ring with a new partner last weekend and made a splash. Tatum is leasing Lola, officially known as We’re All Nuts, in the show pleasure division. Tatum and Lola rode to great ribbons in the Limit Rider division, even finishing third in their championship!



Academy Stars

Our academy riders have been working hard through the off season, and it showed at our first competition of the year. We’re so proud of all of our riders.

We had 3 riders make their show ring debuts here as well. Lydia, Paeton, and Stella showed in the Green division, and showed like seasoned riders. Heck, first time show rider Paeton even finished second in the walk and trot pattern class!



Tori’s Debut

Tori has grown up a Knollwood Kid. She enjoys horses and all that comes with them more than most. She has shown in the academy division, and has always been a competitor who sees the big picture. She’s ready with a kind word for fellow riders, and always has time to take care of horses, or just spend quality time with them. She’s also usually the last customer to leave the aisle at the show, as she takes time with each horse she knows.

Tori took a big jump in the off season when her parents purchased the beautiful mare Nuttin’ But a Lady for her to show in the pleasure divisions. Previously owned by the Cooper family, Frankie is a sight to behold. She loves being a show horse, and Tori’s calming skills make her the perfect partner for this game mare.

Tori started her show career by winning her qualifier and finishing reserve in her championship.  We are looking forward to watching these two progress together.



Show Buddies

Knockout President Heather and her officers have devised a brilliant plan for new academy riders this season. We’re looking forward to 20 riders making their debut this year, and each of them will have their own mentor, or ‘barn buddy’

Starting at IASPHA, each new rider is met at the show by their mentor who will help with finishing touches on outfits, assist with hair and makeup for the ring, and offer support throughout the show.

These experienced show riders from both academy and the show barn offer wisdom from Knollwood Kids close in age to our new riders. They also help the new riders relax and enjoy the experience,  keeping the atmosphere light and fun. The laughter leaves no time to get nervous!

All the mentors and their riders are meeting this Saturday at a Barn Buddy party.

Great thanks to Heather and her team for devising and implementing this wonderful addition to our academy show program!


What’s Coming Up?


Knollwood Entries are due April 25 

Be sure to get your entries in by April 25 for the Knollwood Spring Show! Our shirt order has to go in on the 26th.





Food Drive through May 10

The food barrels are filling up!  Our food drive for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County runs through May 10. If you being in 5 food kits, you’re eligible to join a team for the Knollwood Olympics on Saturday, May 15.






Academy Palooza

We’re heading back to Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock for an All Academy Show! Our walk trot and canter riders will show on Friday night, and our walk trot stars will compete on Saturday morning. We’re looking forward to a big show, and to seeing 2 new riders, Hannah and Jilly compete for the first time. Paeton will show for her second!



Street Clean Up

Join us on Saturday, May 1 at 1:00 as the Knockouts clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Roads for spring! We’re looking for Knollwood Kids of all ages to help, and permission slips from the City of Delafield are available in the school barn lounge, and are required to participate.




FASH Spring Show

May 6-9

Show horses are off to St Paul, Minnesota for one of everyone’s favorite shows. We’ll post more info later!





Knollwood Olympics

Let the games begin on Saturday, May 15 at 6:00 PM.

Teams based on days of the week will compete in ‘games of skill’ to celebrate the food drive.  Simply bring in 5 food kits by May 10, or donations by check made out to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. $15 if the equivalent of 1 food kit.




Knollwood Spring Show

It’s coming up fast!

Our walk trot and canter, and walk trot riders aged 11 and up will compete in the big outdoor ring on Saturday, May 22. Our 10 and under walk trot riders, maiden riders, and leadliners will compete in the small outdoor ring on Sunday May 23.

If the weather absolutely doesn’t cooperate, we’ll move the show to June 15 and 16 when we can move it indoor if need be. We sure hope we don’t have to!!



Photo by Hanna


See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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