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Knollwood Kids have pretty much filled up their bulletin board with their school horse Valentines, so now it's the horses' turn.

 Jelly took  the school horse iPad, and  interviewed all the horses about who they'd send their Valentine cards to. We think there are a few surprises here.



Bee’s Valentines are Mia, Brooklyn, and all the other Knollwood Kids who are teaching her to slow down and enjoy life at the home of the best lesson horses in the world.



Big Frank answered with a question, ‘What’s a Valentine? Is it scary like a blow dryer?’ ‘Nuf said.




Duke would send a Valentine to Shelby for the Tuesday night spa treatments, especially on his hairy legs.




Fred’s Valentine would be sent to Knollwood’s home office. He just loved his stall and a half. It’s perfect for his daily naps.




Happy’s Valentine would go to Honey Bee. He pretends to not like her by chasing her all over the paddock, but we all know how boys are …



Hugo would like to send hugs and kisses to his neighbor Picasso. You all know why.




Jelly sends Valentines to ALL of his hairstylists. It takes a village to keep Mr. Jelly looking his fashion forward best.



Leon sends his Valentine greeting to Mac, his pasture friend.



Lil Frank gives his heart to all the helpers who are helping him get over his fear of the arena heater. He’s just realizing that it’s much more comfortable with the heat on.



Mac reciprocates and sends his Valentine wishes to his  pasture friend Leon.




Nigel’s Valentines are all the patient kids who take their time with his girth.

Picasso’s Valentine is most definitely not neighbor Hugo. In fact, he sends greetings to all the Knollwood Kids who keep begging to play ‘steal the crop.’




Sparky sends his Valentine to the horse kids who spend extra time shedding out his fuzzy winter layer.



Thomas wishes Happy Valentines to Dr. Matt who keeps him comfortable with adjustments.



Vaughn sends special Valentine wishes to all the helpers who let him sleep in the afternoons.



Baxter sends Valentines to all his mint providers.



Beau loves all his hard riding Knollwood kids who have helped him get his energy back.



Cashew sends Valentines to all the kids who forget to put on his cribbing collar before they leave at night.



Dexter's Valentines are all his friends who appreciate his personality. You know, how he acts like a wild man behind his bars until his door opens when he becomes the friendliest horse in the world.



 Eddie wishes Happy Valentines to his friends who appreciate his special bridling needs.



Hooper’s Valentines are the Knollwood Kids who put on his clothes correctly, never over his head.



Klem sends Valentine wishes to everyone.



Murphy wishes Happy Valentines to his owner Jodi.





Sport’s special Valentines are his favorite show rider Dilly, and his trusted vet Dr. Matt who keeps him feeling his best.



He may not be a lesson horse, but Richmond of Knollwood sends Valentine's wishes to his primary health care provider, Dr Rachel. She grew up a Knollwood Kid, and is now a small animal vet at North Lake Veterinary Clinic. Rachel has saved several of Richmond's 9 lives, and he's only 2 years old!



What's Coming Up?

Knollwood Knockouts Virtual Banquet

February 19

The Knockout virtual award banquet is coming up fast on Saturday, February 19. Join us at 7:00 PM on Facebook Live or make a minimum donation of $35 to the Knockouts and join the fun live in the arena. All seats include a swag bag and the opportunity to watch events unfold in person. Deadline for seat reservations is Friday.


Academy Night

February 26

We're asking all of our academy riders making their show ring debuts this year to join us in the arena on Saturday, February 26 at 7:00 PM. We'll enjoy demos from some of our top academy stars, and we'll talk about clothing, preparation, and the keys to success. Academy parents will be there as well to answer questions.




Patchwork Pony Road Show

March 12

The Patchwork Pony consignment store will be in Oconomowoc on Saturday, March 12 from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.  Super equitation mom Sue will be there in the morning to help our new show stars find the perfect outfit. You can meet her at the Hilton Garden Inn!




April 9-10

Our first academy show of 2022! Come join us at Beyond Stable Farm to watch new combinations, new age divisions, and so much more!


Knollwood Spring Show

May 13-15

We'll be showing in the great outdoors for the first time this season. With pattern classes on Friday night, it's going to be a three day show!

Entries will be available in early March.




See you soon at the barn!

And don't forget to kiss your horse for Valentine's Day!







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