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We can hardly wait!

The Knollwood Knockout virtual banquet is coming up this Saturday night.  We’ve gathered all the information you’ll want to know about the fun filled evening, whether you’ve purchased a seat, or are watching from the comfort of your home.

The banquet starts at 7:00 PM this Saturday evening, and is happening in the indoor arena. Home viewers can see the whole affair on Facebook Live. We may be doing sound checks a little early to make sure our sound system is at a good level for everyone at home.



Since the gala is taking place in the arena, you can leave your party clothes at home. (Unless you REALLY want to dust off that ball gown or tails.)

Attire for the evening is comfy and warm. Of course we’ll be cranking the arena heat, but it IS still an arena.


We’re not serving food in the arena outside of the party bags that come complete with snacks, beverages, bubbles, and a school horse of the year magnet. (Please try to contain your enthusiasm and don’t open your envelope until the horse is announced!) Adults are welcome to bring their own beverages.

Preordered party bags for home viewers can be picked up at the barn starting on Friday.  Lisa has been working hard putting these cool bags together, and wants to make sure all the ingredients are fresh for Saturday night.

Everyone who purchased a seat will receive their bag upon their arrival in the arena.



Home viewers, get comfy in your banquet watching attire, and  tune into the Knollwood Facebook page to see the live broadcast.

Team Knollwood members watching from home are welcome to dress up for the affair. Please send pics of your party attire to us on FB!


Your party bag will include a bottle of bubbles.  Please feel free to blow bubbles with us when you see bubbles on the broadcast.

To view the fantastic slide show created by Abby, we’ll provide a link during the broadcast, and you can watch along with us. We’ll come back together on FB live after the slide show!

We’d love to hear from our home audience, so please keep comments and pics coming, especially during the long awaited ‘State of the Farm’ address by Scott.




Schedule of Banquet Events

2021 Knockout President Heather will review the year that was, and introduce her staff that made it a wonderful year for the Knockouts.

Incoming 2022 Co-Presidents Emma and Hanna will introduce themselves and their fellow officers and board members. They’ll also offer a preview of plans for the upcoming year.


Treasurer Susan will give the financial report for 2021. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!


We’ll present high point awards for in-barn and out-of-barn shows for the 2021 season, recognize our show riders who have helped in our academy program, and announce all of our academy riders who earned medals from the American Saddlebred Horse Association. We’ll finish the awards presentation with the announcement and awards for our overall high point award winners for both in-barn and out-of-barn academy show season.


Horse of the Year Award!

Our Knockout officers and board members will present the reserve and champion school horse of the year for 2021! The winner even has his own video!!


Created by Abby,  our in-house graphic artist and technology expert, we'll watch the show that captures the spirit of the year and of Knollwood. We'll provide a link so our home audience can watch along with us.


Scott’s State of the Farm Speech

Always a highlight of the year, Scott will review the year that was.  He will deliver ‘words of wisdom’ about the show barn teams, look forward to new combinations for 2022, and basically riff on all things Knollwood. Comments are greatly appreciated, especially from the junior exhibitors who are at home or sitting in the front rows at the banquet. It’s a thing of beauty.

Outro and Bubbles

The 2022 Knockout officers and staff will end the banquet with bubbles, so be sure to save some for the finale.


We sincerely hope that we'll meet again in person next year to celebrate all of the accomplishments of Team Knollwood.




 What's Coming Up?

Academy  Demo Evening

7:00 PM Saturday Night, February 26

All academy riders making their debut this season are required to attend this evening of demos and discussions with current academy stars and their parents. Refreshments will be served, of course.



Jelly Bean Jods have arrived!

Our size samples have arrived, and we’re just waiting to get the embroidered sample back. We’ll start ordering these custom beauties as soon as we can.


Knollwood Entries starting March 1.

Entries for the Spring show are starting on March 1.  The show is Friday-Sunday May 13-15.  New this year, we’ll hold the WTC pattern classes and the Knollwood Challenge qualifiers on Friday night.

The shirt color for May is Hot Coral, and it’s beautifully bright.  Entries will close on April 1.



Summer Camp Sell Out!

Our summer camps are totally, 100% sold out. We can’t wait for Knollwood Summer 2022!!



See you at the farm, or at the banquet!





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