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Our favorite social event of the year was once again a night to remember.

150 members of Team Knollwood gathered to celebrate our 2019 experiences, and to look forward to new adventures in 2020.


When asked about their favorite part of the banquet, the Tuesday 6:30 PM class all said it was the food.

They were particularly enthusiastic about bread.

  Mind you, there are some very old souls in that class.


The food was delicious as usual, and the menu, planned by Knockout party planner extraordinaire Susan, was perfect for everyone.

Whether you preferred vegetables, need to eat gluten free, or, like the Tuesday group enjoyed lots of carbs, there was something for everyone.

And the mini bundt cakes ...

After dinner, Susan reviewed the group’s finances, and announced that next year will be the club’s 25th banquet.  She’s already in party planning mode, and we’ll be reaching out to alumni in hopes they can join the big silver anniversary celebration next February.

If you’re interested in helping with party planning, please let us know!


After 2019 Knockout President Korinne handed over the reins to 2020 Knockout President Erika.

The new leader introduced her fellow officers, and invited some members to the front to talk about their votes for horse of the year. 


Most of them had voted for Dudley, but Scott said he voted for Baxter, because he can do anything, and comes from royal bloodlines. Always an original thinker, that Scott.


Who won? Erika announced that Dudley is the second ever school horse of the year, and he’ll try to fill Willy’s shoes during his reign this year. We then got to watch a slide show honoring Dudley, to the music from the Dudley Do Right cartoon show.


Awards were next, with prizes for champions and reserve champions for both in-barn and out-of-barn academy shows. 

After attending 12 academy shows away from home, the point totals were pretty close in many of the categories. Many of the in-barn races were tight, too.

We had come pretty cool prizes for the champions this year.  Made for us in Poland, our champions received scarves with "Tradition.Honor.Passion". on one side, and "Champion" on the other. 

These accessories also included the Knollwood logo, and are sure to be treasured. Leadline champion Leighton is shown wearing her scarf to her first post-banquet lesson.


Scott’s remarks about 2019 were, as usual, memorable. Always able to think on his feet, Scott was at his finest even after an emergency trip to the clinic in Madison interrupted his Saturday afternoon speech writing.

The state of Knollwood is, well, pretty great.


The slide show was a hit, with pics of everyone, their favorite horses, and memories of all the adventures we shared during the year.


Everything was represented, including Hazel and Laney’s choice of hats, unique uses for the shopping cart in the shed, and Richie being held up by many, many people.  


(We don’t really know why so many people feel the urge to pick him up, but it makes for unique pics.)



Great thanks to Wendy for the countless hours she spent timing this out just right.


The dancing started right after the slide show, and social time started all over again.

Once again, the dance floor was full until the lights came up, closing the 24th annual Knockout award banquet.

Just imagine what we’ll have in store for the 25th!


Coming Up?

February 14

SOLD OUT Parent’s Night Out at 5:00 PM



February 21

Entries for the Knollwood spring show are due!


February 28-29 from 4-6 PM

Barn clean up. Please sign up in the school barn lounge to join the project.


February 28 at 6:30 PM

Ladies Night Returns for our experienced riders. Sign up in the school barn to join the experience.


February 29  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

The Patchwork Pony Consignment store will be set up at Comfort Inn Johnson Creek Conference Center.




March 7 at 6:00 PM

Knockout parent meeting in the show barn lounge. Join us if you’d like to learn more about helping our award winning youth group.


And don't forget, the Knollwood Spring show is coming up on March 21 and 22.



See you at the barn!



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