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Team Knollwood is sad to announce the passing of legendary academy horse Andeker Light.  Born at Knollwood 30 years ago, Zeus enjoyed a brief, undistinguished show career as a gaited horse before he found his true calling.


This son of Andeker was beautiful from the neck up, but can only be described as pretty crooked in the leg department. Zeus never let that get in the way of his dreams, entering every academy class as if it was stake night at Freedom Hall.


What he lacked in classic confirmation, Zeus made up for in heart, ambition, and sense of humor. He never tired, even when his riders maybe wish he would have, never saw an in-gate that didn’t make him trot in place until they dropped it, and could act on ringmaster hand signals before the announcer could open his mouth.


Knollwood Kids of a certain age will remember ‘making it’ by being ‘Zeused’ in their academy classes. He always knew when it was time for the line up, and beat everyone in.

Our hearts are heavy, but we’re grateful for the 30 years Zeus spent with us. He made countless riders better, and made everyone who rode him want a Saddlebred just like him.


Peace to you. Zeus. May you find straight legs and pastures to rack through over the Rainbow Bridge. 

And please tell Cartman and Dean that we miss them and the other Knollwood alums up there.



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