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And you thought yesterdays elections were tight!

Let the campaigning for Knollwood’s School Horse of the Year election begin.



Hi everyone, Baxter here.

As you know, I’m the 2021 school horse of the year at Knollwood, a very coveted title.

First of all, a little about me. Both of my parents were world champions, so I come from a very good family.

I adore being a lesson horse, and every day is a good day to be me.

Some of my favorite things are:

   Going to academy horse shows


  Teaching new riders the way of a Saddlebred

  Going out with by group of friends known as ‘The Grand Geldings.’


A little bit about the election.

First of all, the powers that be have taken away our internet access, so you will not be receiving any calls or texts about the election. We’re not allowed to leave the farm, and we’re not sure we could find our ways home, so we will not be knocking on your doors.


Here’s how to vote!

The election for the 2022 winner begins on December 1.  Knockouts will receive a ballot when they renew their membership, or when they join for the first time. The Knockouts always welcome new members, and they’d love to have you.

You can place your vote in the ballot box which will be guarded once again by Richmond of Knollwood.

Votes will be tallied, and winner will be announced with their very own video at the Knockout banquet on February 18.

Campaign posters and videos are welcomed for your favorite candidate. If you send your videos to Ann, she’ll post them on Knollwood’s social media.


Here are some of my endorsements:


Fred flies under the radar.

He’s brown, really brown. He’ll do his classic jog trot when he feels like it, and walk when he feels like it. He also naps a lot in his sunny stall.

He loves to play games on horseback, and becomes a fierce competitor for any game.

He never has a mean word to say about anyone, and gets along with everyone outside.



Jelly can do it all.

He’s funny looking, and has a great sense of humor.

He trots a mean serpentine, likes to teach new pattern riders, and occasionally likes to let the steering give out.

He never runs out of energy, and will do anything from Tiny Tot lessons to pattern camp.



Klem is amazing.

He’s handsome, shaped like a sausage, and is never at a loss for words.

He likes to going to academy shows and meeting new people, and loves talking to judges and center ring officials.

He loves lessons at home, especially teaching wee riders to canter on his preferred lead, of course.

He loves challenging more advanced pattern riders, teaching them patience and follow through.

Oh, and he LOVES pattern camp in the big outdoor ring!



Officially known as Keep the Change, Sir, Leon is known around the barn as Dear, Sweet, Leon.

He’s handsome, friendly, and is incredibly patient. He’s way more patient than I am.

Leon specializes in teaching small riders to canter, and his canter has been described to me as ‘cloudlike.’

And those eyes…




Just barely meeting the residence requirements, Pumpkin has quickly become a favorite.

You can’t get this guy upset.

Pumpkin has learned his patterns well, and is perfecting his canter.

He’s so buff.

Pumpkin loves everyone. Even his crabby next door neighbor Duke.



Stuck with the official name of Fort Chiswell’s Aristocrat, Thomas is a dream.

He’s been to 9 academy shows this season, the most of any horse.

Thomas is SMOOTH.

Thomas has his very own Freedmans saddle pad. And he won’t let anyone borrow it.

He’s great friends with his next neighbor and fellow endorsee, Leon.



What’s Coming Up?

UPHA National Championship American Royal Horse Show

Through November 12

We’ve already had some great rides, including Richie winning his catch riding class on a horse he’d ridden once before trotting through the gate.

Watch for more excitement as the week progresses!




UPHA Turkey Trot Academy Show

November 18-19

We’re off to Woodstock for our last academy show of the 2022 season. 10 Knollwood Kids are showing, including two are showing for the very first time.

Come down to Beyond Stable Farm and cheer us on!




Holiday Photo Shoots with Hanna

November 20

10AM - 2PM

Help the Knockouts and get some great family photos at the same time. A portion of the proceeds will benefit our youth club, and you can sign up here.





Thanksgiving Day

November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your instructor will be in contact to reschedule your lesson.





The Sale Starts!

November 25

10% off Knollwood Gift Certificates runs through January 1.

Your purchases will be applied to your account.




Knollwood's Horse Of The Year Election

December 1

The fun election begins, and runs through December 31.

Renew your Knockout membership, and receive a ballot for School Horse of the Year.


Also, December 1 is the last day for us to order stirrups for riders.  They make the perfect gift for a Knollwood Kid, and all academy riders are required to have  their own leathers and irons for the 2023 season.



Knockouts Holiday Party and Election

December 10 at 6:00 PM

All Knockouts and their families are invited to celebrate the season with your barn friends. We'll have a team scavenger hunt, pizza dinner, a club meeting including election of officers for 2023, and an optional gift exchange.

Please sign up in the school barn lounge so we know how much food to order. 

Parents are welcome to BYOB.

Not yet a member? Talk to your instructor or office admin to join the fun!



Academy Demo Meeting

February 11

6:00 PM

We’ll have demos of academy riders, and talk details about showing in 2023.




Knollwood Knockout Banquet

February 18

It’s back after a two year Covid break.

Please join the Knockouts at the Legends at Merrill Hills to celebrate all things Knollwood.

You won’t want to miss it!




See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!



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