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Hi everyone, Klem here.

Yes, I snatched the iPad from Forest while he was eating.  That was easy.

Early exit polling in the first ever School Horse of the Year election is not looking good for us ‘box stall boys.’ Sure, I know that the ‘outside boys’ are a little more rugged, and do group lessons as well as privates, but we’re academy horses for goodness sake. We take our fun loving show riders al over and teach them the ways of the show ring. Plus, I’m really handsome!

So, I asked all of my co-workers what they would promise to do if they were awarded the coveted title. Here, in alphabetical order by barn name, are the campaign promises from the front of the barn:



Alex, officially known as Perilous has opted out of campaign promises.  He was having trouble with the big words. But he’s beautiful.





Officially known as ‘A Champagne Toast,’ Baxter is a legendary academy horse. In this year’s academy ads, he was pictured in 8 of the 12 victory pass photos.  He promises a corner office for ALL the box stall boys.




Captain Kaos may be new the lesson program, but he’s wormed his way into the hearts of many, many riders. He REALLY isn’t a politician, so he promises to remain thankful for his new job.


Home grown Dekscalibur promises to stop peeing on his front leg wraps to make everyone’s life a little more pleasant.


Hylee’s Red Fox promises modular bridles to all school horses so no one’s ears will ever be bent again.




Heist want everyone to know that if elected, he’ll trade his aisle seat of a stall with no neighbor on one side.




The one and only Hula Hooper promises to end ‘over the head’ clothing for all horses. From now on, everyone’s clothes will open in the front!


If miraculously elected, John Dillenger will become a vegan.


I promise to nicker at everyone who walks past my stall, Oh wait, I already do that.


An Irish Victory will stop telling everyone that ‘his mother’ works here.




CH Callaway's Don't Panic has never had a bad day in his life. From earning his CH status in a year and half to teaching many a rider what it feels like to ride a show horse, every day is a good day to be Panic.

If elected, Panic promises to become a Tiny Tot lesson star. 

The date of this transformation has yet to be set.


Just as Unique is the only mare in the lesson program. She’s promised all the grand geldings that she’ll try to be in the arena more often during their lessons.


Andeker Light may be retired, but he promises to share his ‘everyday is Louisville’ attitude through a series of motivational speeches for the boys.



 What's Coming Up?


Next time you’re at the barn, be sure to put your 2019 Knockout dues in the ballot envelope, vote for your favorite lesson horse, and place the envelope in the ballot box. You might want to double check that Dean’s not in the box first.



Don’t forget that Parent’ Night Out is coming up this Saturday from 5-8 PM. You can sign up in the school barn lounge to join the fun. It’s only $10!



The Knockouts Holiday Gala is coming up the following Saturday, the 15th. We’ll carol at 5:30 with Dudley and Forest before we return to the barn for pizza, party, and election of 2019 officers. Members, please sign up in the school barn lounge so we know how much food to order.  If you’re not yet a member, we’d love to have you. Plus, when you join, you receive a ballot to vote for school horse of the year.


And most importantly, remember that lessons are 10% off through 12/31. Group lessons, private lessons, camps, even horse shows are 10% off. Stock up now so you can spend time with me.  And the other lesson horses.


See you at the barn!



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