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2022 arena set up for online banquet


We’re so excited!

For the last two years, Covid has forced us to downsize our annual awards banquet, and to hold the festivities in our arena. While we made it a lot of fun broadcasting on Facebook Live, it just wasn't the same as being together in one room.

We’re back in full in-person celebration mode for this year, which happens to be the 25th anniversary of our first ever Knockout awards banquet back in 1998.

 Winners at the first ever banquet in 1998.


Because we haven’t held an in-person banquet since 2021, many of our current stars have never experienced the real thing. Here are some helpful hints to enjoy the Knollwood celebration of the year like an experienced banquet attendee.



Jordan and Dilly dancing in 2020.


The banquet is being held on Saturday, February 18.

Social time starts at 6:30 PM with dinner beginning at 7:15 PM.




The Legend at Merrill Hills

W270 S3425 Merrill Hills Rd

Waukesha, WI 53189



Archival photo of Academy Award winners in 2020


Who’s Invited?

All Knollwood Knockouts and their families are invited to join the fun. Invitations were mailed January 1. If you haven’t received your invitation, please let your instructor know, and we can provide one. Plus, we’ve placed extra invitations in the RSVP box in the school barn. Please feel free to fill out a card and attach your payment to secure your spot, even if your invitation didn’t make it to you in the mail.

RSVP’s are due by February 8.

Of course, new members are ALWAYS welcome, and your instructor or office admin would be happy to help!



How Do I RSVP?

Just return your invitation postcard with your name, and indicate how many will be in your party. Please attach cash or a check made out to the Knollwood Knockouts to secure your places. No reservations can be made without payment.



From the dance floor files of 2020, Sofia, Brooklyn, and Amelia


What’s the Dress Code?

It’s a celebration, so riders wear dresses and party finery. Parents tend to dress more casually.



From the archives, 2012 President Shelby turns leadership over to incoming 2013 president Sydney.

What happens at the banquet?

Oh, so much.

The party starts with social time where everyone catches up with friends, and decides where to sit. Riders can choose to sit with other riders at ‘kids’ tables, or to sit with their families. Typically, the riders sit at the tables near the front of the room, near the prizes, the speakers’ podium, and the screen for the slide show.

This year we’re trying a variation of our traditional buffet dinner. We’ll be having a dinner with three different ‘stations’ to visit along the way. Guests can visit the pasta bar, the slider bar, and the salad bar.

Party planner and Knockout adult treasurer Susan has also sourced a really fun dessert for us.


Your 2023 Officers and board members


We expect a peaceful transfer of power after dinner, as our 2022 Knockout officers and board review the year that was before they hand control over to the incoming 2023 team.

Election results will be revealed when the Knockout officers announce the winner of the 2022 School Horse of the Year contest. A short video is included of the star, since country clubs frown on horses attending parties in person.


Susan delivering the 2021 financial report


Susan will present an always entertaining treasurer’s report. We don’t know how she makes the numbers interesting and inspirational, but we think it's one of her super powers.

Following that, we’ll present awards earned by our riders at both in-barn shows, and at out of barn shows throughout 2022.

Academy award winners in 2012


Twenty riders have earned academy awards from the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association. While we won’t have the actual medallions from the association yet, we will recognize these hard-working academy stars.


High point winners in 2018.

We’ll also hand out the ultimate high point awards to the top two point earners for both home shows and academy shows away from home.



Emilie and Baxter, reserve academy champs at Madison Classic in 2022

A highlight of any banquet is the annual slideshow, which brings back memories of the year that was. The show will feature pictures from home and the road, and will showcase many pics never seen before. It’s guaranteed  to make you laugh and enjoy the recap of 2022.

No caption needed.

The grand finale of the presentations is Scott’s ‘State of the Farm’ address.  A master orator, Scott reviews the show season, stories from the road, and memorable lessons. The address usually involves some zingers, and often includes some heckling back. It’s the perfect closure.


From the 2013 dance floor files

After all the awards and addresses, the DJ takes over, and the dance floor fills.

Whether it’s your first Knollwood banquet, or you’re a veteran of the event, we hope you can join us for this February classic.



What’s Coming Up?


The famous jods incident. Show tech Emma lent her pants to Cece whose zipper died in the warm up ring.

January 28

It’s the last day to drop off donations for the academy used clothing sale on February 4. Please hang them in the school barn lounge.

Please bring them in on hangers, and tagged with your name, cell #, email address, and price of each piece. If you'd like to donate sales proceeds to the Knockouts, please let us know.

And, Thank You!

Again, no caption needed.

Also on January 28:

Remember the silent auction at the Fall Knollwood Show? 

Shelby and her investment group outbid all other takers and paid $450 for the right to give Scott a riding lesson.  Shelby, Richie, and Brooklyn will be giving Scott at lesson at 6:00 PM.

A limited number of $5 tickets are available to watch the lesson. All proceeds will benefit the Knockouts, as did the purchase price of the lesson.

Both Scott and his instructor team are preparing for the event, and we're not sure who's more excited for the evening.

Before anyone even asks, Carol is in charge of the horse assignment. As we always say, 'Carol knows things.'



Walk trot stars at Turkey Trot 2022


February 4

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Knollwood’s used academy clothing sale.

Here’s your chance to purchase academy clothing for the upcoming season. We’ll have a selection of jods, shirts, and vests. Jodi will be there with ties and bling to finish off any outfit.


February 8

Banquet reservations and payment due.


Demo riders in the 2022 academy event.

February 11

6:00 PM

Academy Demo Night

If you’re starting your academy show journey this season, this event is perfect for you. Please join us in the arena at 6:00 PM when you’ll see some of our stars give demos on the do’s and don’ts of academy showing.

You’ll learn the fine points of attire, hair and makeup for the show ring, and show strategy. Please bring all your questions for an entertaining event.



Finn, Laney, Payton, Lauren, Maria, and Lily with the Senns at the 2020 banquet


February 18

6:30 PM

Knockout Banquet

You won’t want to miss it!



Taylor at IASPHA Summer 2022

February 25

11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Academy Vest and Shirt Measuring

Trish will be in to measure for custom vests and shirts for our academy stars. Please see Ann if you’d like to schedule an appointment.



Brooke, Hannah, Stella, Dilly, and Maddie at IASPHA Spring 2022


April 15-16

IASPHA Spring Show

Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock, Illinois

Our first academy show of the season!



Heather presenting awards to winners Stella and Leon at the Knollwood Spring Show


May 12-14

Knollwood Spring Show





No caption needed.

See you at the barn!



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