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Knollwood Families and Students,


As we all know, these are unprecedented times.  Many of us are experiencing a pandemic for the first time in our lives and are just doing what we can to keep our families, friends, selves, and animals safe by following recommendations from experts.  This has put many people out of work, out of childcare, and out of their routines. 


Here at Knollwood we've done what we could to keep every sense of normalcy possible while being safe.  That did sadly mean closing our doors to our beloved customers who are the lifeblood of our community here at Knollwood.  While Knollwood is a strong business, there is no denying that horses don't eat less or require less care just because lessons aren't currently happening.... I mean we've all seen Klem right?  He's not dieting....  All joking aside, we had, had a few clients reach out early on to see if there is a way they might be able to help by "adopting" a school horse entirely on their own and out of the generosity of their own hearts. 


These amazing people had decided come together to donate to the Knollwood feed bill with Merton Feed and have made gracious contributions to care for the crew of the best school horses in the world.  This gesture has brought tears into the eyes of all of us who know what it means for hard working people to donate their money to ease the burden of these trying times on small businesses like Knollwood and truly speaks to what kind of community we are blessed to find ourselves in.  We hope to show our gratitude by offering special donor programming once our doors are open; more info to come on that!


Knollwood is more than just a barn.  It is more than just a place off the highway that is here to entertain your kids.  It is a family and we now feel that more than we ever have, though we always knew this to be true.  We are unspeakably grateful to the generosity of our clients that came up with this and are continuing to donate to the Knollwood feed bills with Merton Feed to take care of these amazing school horses.


If you would like to donate as well, please call Merton Feed at 262-538-1250, or send a check with a note on it for Knollwood to

Merton Feed Co
PO Box 465
Merton, WI. 53056

Special thanks to the following people who have already donated in support of our amazing horses and barn:


The Anderson-Penglase Family

The Ball Family

The Becker Family

Tammy Cull

The Dallen Family

The Looysen Family

The Rhode Family

Catherine and Claude Scher

The Schuh Family

Mary Steinhardt

The Traeger Family

Jane Wagner

The Wenzel Family





We Are Knollwood.


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