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Photo by Hanna Agathen

For many of the school horses, last weekend was their final show of 2022. Before the show, all of the best lesson horses in the world were given the assignment of choosing their favorite thing about the fall show.

We've included their most interesting and insightful responses.

Greetings, everyone.  Pumpkin here.

I was elected by my fellow lesson horses to start the show recap.

Why? They call me ‘the rookie’ even though I’ve been here for a year. I’m easy going, worked both days of the show, AND the judge fell in love with me.

My favorite thing about the show was the weather, and the judge. I enjoyed working in the sun with all my friends, especially the Premier Walk Trot classes on Saturday afternoon. You haven’t lived as a lesson horse until you’ve participated in classes with nine of your co-workers in the big outdoor ring on a sunny fall afternoon.

Photo by Hanna Agathen

I also love Terri Anne who appreciated my buff physique and my easy going personality.

We even posed for a photo together.







Photo by Hanna Agathen

Jelly here.

I second the rookie’s thinking about the beautiful fall weekend. For the record, the judge liked me, too.

My favorite thing about the show was the purple shirts. I thought my riders looked particularly good on me with the yellow tint to my Hafflinger coat.

I am not a Vikings fan, but I looked pretty darn good all weekend.



Photo by Hanna Agathen

Baxter, School Horse of the Year for 2022 reporting!

The weather and the shirts were fine, but the Knollwood Challenge final was the best.

Did you know that I won both the walk trot AND walk trot canter finals?

Leighton and Morgan worked well with me, and guided me through the pattern that they had seen for the first time on Friday night. I was 94.6% sure of what they wanted from me, and that let my personality shine throughout the classes while minimizing my use of original thought.

I’m a little sad that more people weren’t there to watch the finals, and to appreciate my victory passes. My favorite was Morgan wearing her purple trophy hat on the victory pass!

Leighton and Morgan will look fabulous next season in their custom DeRegnaucourt show shirts, just part of the award for winning the Knollwood Challenge final.


Photo by Hanna Agathen

And, I loved watching last year’s winners judge the finals along with Terri Anne. They took their jobs seriously, and appreciated all the competitors.

Please note, our junior judges who were showing academy last fall are now competing in the national junior equitation finals.




Photo by Hanna Agathen


Pony Frank here.

I really liked the Friday night pattern classes because I had the night off.

I saved all my energy for my Sunday performances!



Photo by Hanna Agathen

Klem here.

My favorite part of the show was the sportsmanship shown.

Riders were clapping for other riders while placings were being given out, and that makes my heart happy.

I especially loved Olivia cheering for those placing above her in her 8 and under classes.  She’s knows what it’s all about.

I’ve been a horse for, well, several years, so I know a thing or two about horse showing.

  • Horse showing is not about ribbons or placings.

  • Horse showing is about meeting your personal goals, whether it’s getting the correct diagonal, or completing a pattern cleanly.

  • If you and your instructor are happy with your progress, it's a win.

  • Judges are human.

  • Classes are brief, giving judges a brief view of each rider. Make the most of each pass.

  • Learning to ride is a long process.

  • We horses are living, breathing creatures with feelings and emotions.

  • While you may not get the ribbon you’d hoped for, you did get to enjoy time with wonderful horses and your barn friends.

  • We all need to learn how to be good losers to be gracious winners.

  • Life isn’t always fair. It’s just not.




Photo by Hanna Agathen

Leon here.

AKA Dear, Sweet, Leon.

My favorite part of the horse show was the personal assistants who took such great care of me and of all of my friends this weekend.

We were all comfortable and happy with comfy saddle pads, supportive leg wraps,  and lots of moral support.

Life as a Knollwood lesson horse is, well, pretty grand.

We are well loved.




Photo by Hanna Agathen

Fred here.

My favorite part of the weekend was the concession stand.

It smelled delicious, even if I forgot to get my pre-order in.  I was a little busy.




Photo by Hanna Agathen

Beau here.

I’m kind of new around here.

The best part of the show for me was watching all the volunteers work all weekend. Did you know that the Knockouts made over $1000 from the raffle of Scott’s lesson and the pattern class offering?

Oh, and I loved the crowd standing along the rail in the little outdoor ring on Sunday. It gave me LOTS to look at.




What’s Coming Up?

Parent’s Academy Seminar

Friday, October 14 at 6:00 PM

Be sure to sign up to join the informational meeting this Friday. We’ll provide LOTS of information about why we love academy showing, and share some info about the 2023 season.


Last Chance for Woodwear!

Sunday, October 16

It's the last day for orders of the 1/4 zips and for black Jellybean jods for winter.

Size samples and order blanks are available in the school barn.



IASPHA Fall Show

October 21-23

Beyond Stable Farm

Team Knollwood is looking forward to the final IASPHA show of the season. We’ll be enjoying the sold out show that features hospitality and facilities to die for.

Come cheer us on!



Knollwood Knockout Street Clean Up

Saturday, October 29 at 1:00 PM

Join your fellow Knockouts as we clean up Nagawicka and Oakwood Road for fall. We’ll meet back up at the farm at 2:00 PM for a club meeting.

Remember, it’s your last chance to get your 2022 club service hours in to be eligible for year end high point awards.



American Royal Horse Show

 November 7-12

Knollwood’s show horses and riders will be in Kansas City for the National Championship horse show. In addition to fantastic show horses vying for titles, the show is also home to the last two equitation finals that make up the triple crown of saddleseat equitation, the UPHA Challenge Cup Finals, and the USEF Medal Final.

We’ll be there in the thick of it.




Knockout Holiday Party

Saturday, December 10

6:00 PM

Save the date!

All Knockout members are invited to join the celebration and election of club officers for 2023. We’ll feature a team scavenger hunt, pizza, campaign speeches before the election, and a pizza dinner.



See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!






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