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The lesson horses are at it again.

Feeling left out after they were unable to complete ballots in the big ‘School Horse of the Year’ election, all of Knollwood’s lesson horses conducted an exit poll among the ranks to predict who will win the contest this year.


First, a little mathematical data on the group:

There are a total of 30 lesson horses, ranging from Sparky to the show barn lesson horses.

87% of the group are geldings, with a mere 13% mares.


60% of the crew are Saddlebreds

19% fall into the miscellaneous category, which also includes unknown. We have some of those!

 7% are Morgans

 7% are Hafflingers

 7% are ponies


While horses don’t have political parties as we know them, thank goodness, there are strong alliances among the group.


These six horses, listed in alphabetical order,  happened to be the highest in votes by the Knollwood Knockout members.

Here are some of the exit polling comments:


From Eddie: 'Of course Klem should win. There’s never been a Morgan winner, and we do a heck of a lot of lessons around here. Plus, everyone thinks he's adorable.'


From Hugo, the current Saddlebred pasture leader: 'Leon should be the winner, hands down. I always hear the instructors call him a unicorn, and I see him teaching lots of really small riders how to canter. Plus, he’s really handsome.'



From Fred, a member of the ‘miscellaneous’ posse: 'I’m hoping that Jelly the Hafflinger wins the title for 2023. He’s up for anything, any time. He never appears to be tired, and he never gets crabby. I wish I could say the same about myself.'



Klem, the only lesson horse we’ve ever known to be named after a sausage company, is standing up for fellow Morgan Eddie. He says, ‘No one does a pattern better than Eddie, and he is incapable of making a mistake. He’s been everywhere, done everything, and isn’t bothered by anything.'



Thomas believes that home grown Hugo should be this year’s winner. He says: 'Hugo is the all-around good guy. While he loves his tiny tot jog trotting, he can also teach the best of patterns, and is a fabulous bareback steed. He also loves games on horseback. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even recognize him while he’s playing games.'



Also home grown Vaughn is in favor of Pumpkin winning the crown, adding :  'While he hasn’t been here very long, Pumpkin has become an important member of the faculty. He loves to work, and never puts an ear back. He’s put a lot of effort into slowing down his canter, and is working on pattern work now. He’s just good at everything he tries. And, he's very handsome.'

The winner will be revealed at the banquet on February 18. Make sure to have your paid reservations in by February 8.


What’s Coming Up?

January 28

  Scott’s lesson with Shelby, Richie, and Brooklyn at 6:00 PM.

  Shelby’s investment group donated $450 to the Knockouts for the right to teach the master.

  For only $5, you can watch the lesson from the comfort of the heated arena, and all proceeds go directly to the Knockouts.

  Scott is providing food and drink for the post lesson party.


It’s also the final day to donate used academy clothes for our in-house sale the following Saturday. 



February 4

Our used clothing sale is happening in the Show Barn Lounge from 11 AM to 2 PM.

We’ll have academy moms on hand to help put outfits together, and Jodi will be there with bling and ties, too!



February 11

Academy Demo Night at 6:00 PM

Riders starting academy showing this year, or those who want a refresher are invited to an informational get together in the arena.

We’ll have riders demonstrating strategies, showing clothing for the ring, and they and their parents are happy to answer any questions.



February 18

Knollwood Knockout’s 25th Annual Award Banquet

Join us at the Legend at Merrill Hills for our first in-person banquet in two years. We’ll have awards, dinner, speeches, a slide show, and dancing.

RSVP’s are due February 8 !


February 25

Academy tailoring event from 11 AM to 2 PM in the show barn lounge.

Trish is coming to measure and pick fabric for custom vests and shirts. She can also tailor your academy clothes that aren’t fitting just right.

Please talk to Ann if you’re interested in securing an appointment.





See you at the barn!


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