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Hi Everyone, Forest here.


As you may be aware, I know a lot about food.  

Because of my expertise, I've been chosen to remind all my fans about Team Knollwood's food drive currently in progress.

We are looking for donations of food kits, or for those of you who are too time constrained to shop, financial donations to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.

We're trying to help our neighbors in need at a time of year when the pantry runs low on inventory.

Of course, there's a Knollwood twist to the drive.  Each Knollwood Kid who collects a minimum of 5 food kits or $$ equivalent is eligible to join a team for our first ever video scavenger hunt on Saturday, June 8.  (I've heard that I'm involved in at least one of the stations, but it's all very top secret, so my exact role has not been revealed.)

Right now, Team Tuesday is running away with the competition with Saturday in close pursuit.  

Please remember to mark your donation with the day of week and rider you'd like to support.

Thanks in advance for your generosity. 

If you might happen to bring some carrots my way, it wouldn't be the worst thing. 


See you at the scavenger hunt!


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