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Last week the show barn was off at their second show of the season with a bunch of new teams and boy did they perform! FASH is always a great show in a big coliseum, with a lot of opportunities for great passes and great fun.  This year, we had 20 horses competing at FASH and tireless Alex along for the ride for some lessons during the show.

The week started off with a bang having Hershey and Willis showing in a pleasure class together.  Carol qualified Hershey for Kerry, while Allison navigated Willis through his first class in a full show bridle since he joined us here at Knollwood!  Then later that session, Kim took WC Ch Fine By Me for out for a spin.  This seasoned star showed off his propensity for go forward and showing off while Kim expertly navigated the ring in one of the largest classes of the show! 

That evening Allison took to the ring again with Sirtainly Stylish in the same class as Kerry and her new horse Tango's Private Matter.  These ladies were a sight to see as both horses really buzzed around the ring! Kerry also turned in an amazing performance with Hershey, gaining a second place finish later in the week.

Thursday evening also saw Brooklyn's debut with her new horse Gamora and a stunning debut at that.  Leaving the ring in her FIRST ever show in a suit with a first place vote, we know these two are going to truly shine this season!


Payton and her beautiful new mare, Isn't She Something made an appearance in the Pleasure Equitation rider 14-17 and dazzled.  This mare really is something!  While she is still learning her patterns, we can't wait to see the finished product of these two becoming the team we know they can be!


Eva (Castle Booty) and Amelia had their second show of the season and from the first show to her second, Amelia has made leaps and bounds of improvement getting to know miss Eva in the show ring.  They even left the ring with a second place!  This pair brings a lot of sparkle to the ring and we know there will be a lot of excitement in their future.


Scott took Finn's new mare, Riverdream's Masquerade, in the Open class Thursday night to a beautiful 2nd place finish.  This beautiful sporty mare known as "Jade",  has come such a long way over winter and we can't wait for Finn to get in the ring.  The Usual Suspect, now known as Tate showed in the Jumior/Limit Park to a 4th place finish.  Tate is owned by Scott and Carol and has also been working on finishing this winter.  This grand gelding has a bright future.  Allison then took Willis into his first Country Pleasure class and took home the blue!  Allison's expert horsemanship made Willis feel comfortable and confident so he could really show and dazzle the judges.  We can't wait to see Jane and Willis hit the ring in Madison!


Erika showed home grown Go Fund Me, known as Frito to his FIRST EVER blue ribbon!  Frito showed that age is nothing but a number and despite being only 4 and at his second show ever, that he was a show horse indeed!  


Payton and Eli rode to a blue ribbon in the Saddle and Bridle medallion class.  This duo have had many years together and always show out for the pattern.  Who knew Eli would be such an expert at equitation, and who better to take him on that journey than Payton!


Our high tail eq riders performed beautifully in their first show of the year, turning in 1st and 2nd place performances at each go.  Heather and Sampson turned in dynamic and detailed patternwork while Richie and Leila were cool as cucumbers, even while Leila did her signature announcements during the line up and pattern. 


Margit and her boys truly performed at this show.  Ken Follet, or Perfect 10 Charlie as we like to call him, was jockied to two unanimous wins.  This slick racking, big trotting gelding moves down the rail with Margit navigating the ring and love hearts floating in their wake. Rosewood's Homecoming Dance, (Robert) and Margit also took home the tricolor in their first show of the year.  Margit and Robert have been learning and growing together for the last couple years and they've truly become a team!

Tancy Becker and her new mare Mia Thermopolis turned in two great performances in the three gaited amateur division.  This is Tancy's first show together with Mia, an energetic mare with a lot of heart.  Tancy, an experienced equestrian, is the perfect person to take Mia to new heights!  Haley and Allen, Americana's Standing Ovation, turned in two beautiful performances to a second and first place finish. Haley and Allen are quite the pair, as Allen's crabby disoposition melts away in Haley's smooth riding and soft hands.

 On their second journey off the farm, Alexa and Aaron, Seven Oak's Heirman, truly made leaps of progress as well!  Alexa has been working hard at so many finishing aspects of her equitation and she received a nod with a second place finish in a championship of seasoned riders!  Alexa and Aaron turned in a clean pattern with ease and even won the class raffle!


Last, but of course not least, Scott entered the ring again, this time with Bella Thomas's incredibly athletic gaited horse Tyler and truly put on a show.  Tyler and Scott gave it their all and racked slicker and faster than perhaps ever before!  The judges decided he was the horse to beat and the rest is history.  Bella will have an amazing season on this grand gelding!


Next up: the Spring Knollwood show is this weekend!  We are keeping an eye on the weather for Saturday with a raindate scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd, but we have our fingers crossed that we won't need it!  We will keep everyone informed via our Facebook page, so be sure to like and follow to stay up to date.


See you at the outgate!


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