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Sometimes, you have to stake a step back to realize the progress you’ve made. 


So, we were working on horse assignments for our spring academy show, and were struck by the amount of progress made over our off-season.

Sometimes, we get caught up in our day-to day schedules and don’t see how quickly riders are progressing.

Riders work hard in their lessons each week, and often don't realize how much they've learned over a few months.

Let’s take a minute and appreciate how hard we all worked during the off season, and how much progress has been made.

Each rider is working at their speed on their own path, and that’s showing in our upcoming May show.

The Friday night pattern classes are the biggest they’ve been, because we’ve been starting kids on patterns younger and younger. Did you know our trusty beginner steeds Sparky and Fred trot a mean serpentine?  Hafflingers Bilbo and Jelly are catching up quickly, too.

Many of our walk and trot riders from last season are entering the walk, trot, and canter division in May. Our 10 and under walk trot, and canter division has grown to eight fierce competitors.

Our Saturday show is larger than ever, even with several former academy stars stepping up to the show horse world.

Congrats to Maddie, and Tess!

Our 10 and under walk and trot riders? They’re rocking diagonal pick ups, arena positioning, transitions, and sportsmanship.



As we start the 2023 show season, let’s all  take a minute to appreciate the hard work and progress during the winter.

Remember struggling with a concept?

Remember all the group lessons without stirrups?

And the groups when you played games and forgot that you had no stirrups?

The struggles, frustrations, hot horses, and breakthroughs were all worth it. 

When in doubt, take a step back.

Let’s have a fantastic season.






Assignments for the May show will go up Friday or Saturday.

Would you like to sponsor a class? We’ll read your message to the crowd - once it makes it past our censors! ;-)  It’s only $25, and helps to support the show.


Parents Night Out

This Saturday from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

You can sign up and pay in the school barn lounge until Thursday.


We’re closed on Easter Sunday.

Your instructor will set up a makeup lesson.


IASPHA Spring Show

Show season is starting April 14 at the IASPHA Spring Show

Come cheer us on at Beyond Stable Farm in Woodstock!


Hugo’s Birthday is April 25

This homegrown treasure turns 16 this year.

Would you trust him to drive?


Academy Palooza

May 5-6

Join us at Beyond Stable Farm for a fun academy show. The performances are a little different, with riders showing Friday night and Saturday.


Murphy turns 11 on May 6.




Nacho turns 6 on May  7th.




May 11-14

The show horses are headed to St Paul, MN for their first show of 2023. It’s going to be a killer of a show with competition galore. Anyone up for a road trip?



Knollwood Spring Show

May 12-14

It’s all coming together, and we can hardly wait.

Be sure to save some time to help with the grand event. If you’re short of time, please consider donating items to the concession stand, or sponsoring a class or two.




See you at the barn!



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