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Well, that was a horse show.

Team Knollwood has returned home from St. Paul Minnesota where the show horses enjoyed showing at the FASH show. The fairgrounds and show management are the best, and the competition was great.

Here are a few of our stories from the road:

We got to see Bella again! Covid kept her from us for most of last season, as she travels to Knollwood from Philadelphia, but she picked up right where she left off at FASH. Now an adult amateur competitor, Bella and Garfield won both their Country Pleasure qualifier and championship UNANIMOUSLY.

Bella and powerhouse Tyler had some great rides in the amateur 5 gaited division, and are ready for the challenges of the season ahead.


Erika and Tori were rock stars in the Monarch single bit division. Tori and Frankie have become quite a team in their short time together, and they were charismatic and smooth to win the qualifying class. Erika and young Willow learned in their qualifier, and went on to win the championship in the division.


Kim and Allison make the trip to FASH each May for a mother-daughter weekend.  This year was extra special, and Kim let Allison show her new horse in the adult show pleasure division. In some incredibly big and deep classes, these two worked the arena to perfection, and had an absolute blast doing it.  Allison won both the qualifier and the championship, coming out on top of a field of 16 horses in the final!


The equitation riders did it again.  Finn, Laney and Richie were competing in the 17 and under divisions while Allison showed in the adult classes.

It was easy to see how hard the Knollwood Kids had worked over the winter as they worked the rail and pattern work with precision.

Allison won the UPHA Adult Challenge Cup qualifier,   Finn won the Good Hands qualifier,  Laney rocked her Pleasure Equitation qualifier and the Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion qualifier, and Richie won his qualifier and his Challenge Cup qualifier.

To close out the show on Sunday, afternoon, the Knollwood Kids took the top 3 spots in the championship, with Finn in first, Laney in second place, and Richie in third.

Next up for the show riders is the May Classic Horse Show at Wisconsin State Fair Park May 27-30.



It’s almost Olympic time!

First of all, we offer great thanks to all the Team Knollwood members who donated food kits and cash equivalents to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. Thanks to you, we’re sending more than 200 food kits to the pantry!

This Saturday, after a 5:30 PM Knockout meeting, the 2021 Knollwood Olympics will begin!

41 Olympians will compete for six teams in five Events. This year’s contests will be:

Blind Buggy Race

Two blindfolded ‘strong’ teammates pull a jog cart through a pattern while being directed by a sighted, hopefully lightweight teammate in the seat.

We’ve had people let go of the cart and wander along blindly until reunited with the cart, we’ve had drivers attempt to use hand signals to the blind souls, and yes, we’ve had teams hit the wall.

Keep in mind, this is a timed event, and well worth your time to watch.


Hop, Skip, and Wrap

Well, it’s 2 Olympians who must run across the arena, polo wrap the legs of their teammate together, and hop back across the arena, Yes, it’s timed.



Helmet Toss

The closest we could get to a real Olympic event, one member of each team will attempt to throw an old dusty helmet as far as they can.

Not timed, but we advise spectators to watch for flying helmets. Aim is not a strong suit of horse girls.



School Horse Charades

‘Professional Actors’ will portray horses and assorted Knollwood animals doing various activities. Teams will accrue points by guessing the animal, and what he or she is doing.


Blanket Race

Three members from each team will pile into a horse sheet, but of course only one of them can see. (Do you sense a pattern here?) Teams will ‘race’ the length of the big outdoor ring, and the first team to reach the gate standing up will be declared the winner.


We hope you’ll come cheer on the competitors. We do ask that if you come, and you’re not part of an Olympic family, please bring a food kit, or a monetary donation for the Food Pantry of Waukesha County.



What’s Coming Up?

Knollwood Spring Show

May 22 and 23

We’re putting the finishing touches on our academy show, being held in the outdoor arenas.

Riders can pick up their shirt packets starting Thursday in the school barn, and we still have a few spots open for practice rides on Friday, May 21.  Please see your instructor to sign up.

If you haven’t yet done so, please sign up here to help at the concession stand, or with show prep work.


May Classic Show

Wisconsin State Fair Park

May 27-30

Come watch Team Knollwood compete against some great show horses and academy riders from around the Midwest.

The show is a sell out!

We’ll post schedules when finalized, and the academy performance won’t start before noon on Saturday morning.


Prairie State Classic

Beyond Stable Farm

June 4-6

Come watch the ‘B’ show horses and our academy stars compete against some different competition. Primarily a Morgan show, we get to compete against some barns we don’t always see. It’s a short drive, and a beautiful facility.



Summer Camp

Starting June 14

All our sessions are sold out, and we’re looking forward to a fabulous Knollwood summer!


Midwest Charity Horse Show

Illinois State Fairgrounds

June 15-19

The first BIG show of the season, and a favorite of all. The competition is fantastic, the grounds are beautiful, and the arena is the best around.  Team Knollwood will be there in numbers to compete against the best.


Knockouts Car Wash

Sunday, August 8

Piggly Wiggly in Hartland

Save the date!

It’s one of the Knockouts’ biggest fundraisers of the year, and it’s lots of fun. The club sells brats and burgers at the Brat Shack, and washes cars as well. We ask that all Knockouts make themselves available to join the fun.




See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!


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