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We’re so excited to welcome the start of show season 2020 with the Spring In-Barn Knollwood Show coming up on March 21 and 22.

Our home shows are incredibly important in the education of our riders, and they’re a lot of fun, too. We’re thrilled to report that we have a whopping 13 riders making their show ring debuts in the maiden division, we have lots of ‘promotions’ into the walk trot and canter division, and our 10 and under walk trot and canter division has almost a totally new cast of characters.

Why are these shows so popular among our riders? They offer the perfect environment to become confident in the show ring.  Riders show in their ‘home ‘ arena, ride the best lesson horses in the world, and do this all under the watchful eye of our instructors and ring assistants.

The shows benefit the Knollwood Knockouts, and they’re the group’s biggest fundraisers of the year. These shows provide funds for the annual awards banquet, the club’s holiday party, outings for the members, and donations to the group’s favorite charities.

How do we produce events of this size that are so much fun for so many? 



We are beyond fortunate that we have a fantastic group of parents who are always there to support our riders. They represent all ages and levels of our kids, and come from both our lesson program and our show horse world. We can safely say that everyone will want to hang out with these peeps once you meet them, you'll be hooked.

What exactly do they do?

Our parents shop for the concession stand, set up the concession stand, run the concession stand with youth members of the Knockouts. These kids learn all about customer service, making change, and salesmanship all while working with their barn friends.

Parents set up chairs in the arena, set up center ring, and get the PA ready to rock.

Prior to the show, parents donate to gift baskets, sign up to work in the concession stand, and ask friends and family to donate silent auction items. Just before show day, crafty parents get together to put the gift baskets together so everyone will want to take them home.

So basically, parents make horse show magic happen! We’re looking for your help for this upcoming show, and we’d really love for some new parents to join the fun we all have.

Please consider taking a shift at the concession stand. You can sign up here.

If you can’t so that, please donate to a gift basket or two. Lists of themes and items needed are posted on the tackroom door in the school barn.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend of horse showing, and we hope you can help support the kids in their efforts.






And a whole lot of fun.


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