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The holidays are coming up super fast, and sometimes your Knollwood Kid sounds like they're talking a foreign language when they list their dream gifts.  (Besides a horse, that is.)

We’re happy to decode some of the most popular requests that you’re hearing about.  Here’s your chance to look like a riding expert with the perfect gift under the tree. 

If it still sounds Greek to you, we’d be happy to help, and Ann will be happy to order some of the technical stuff!


Lucky Jods

For the academy show star in your house, these are the best show jods out there.  They’re extra long, the fabric doesn’t attract dust, and these even offer a bit of stretch.  Luckys look neat and tailored while being super comfortable.

Available only through Hartmeyers in misses and girls sizes, they’re even on sale for ONE MORE DAY!

(And they're worth every penny even at full price!)



Warm Riding Gloves


While we heat the arena to a temperature that’s comfortable for riding, warm riding gloves will help the rider in your house maintain a good feel on the reins.  Here are options for kids and adults that will keep hands warm while keeping the reins from slipping, and allow good communication with the horse’s mouth.

(If you really want to hear your Knollwood Kid sound like they’re talking a foreign language, ask them how they keep their horse’s head up while they ride.  Take a seat first …)



Stirrup Irons and Leathers



Sure, our school saddles all have stirrups on them, but having your own sure signifies that you’re serious about your riding, and that you’d like to spend more time riding and less time adjusting stirrups before your lesson.  Plus, having your own ensures that the irons are the correct size for your feet to prevent stirrup slippage, and that the leathers won’t be crazy long. Plus, you can keep them at the barn where they’re always handy!

And when you embrace the 'saddle-no-stirrups lifestyle like we do, you can really miss your own when you see them hanging on the wall before and after your leg strengthening rides(s).


These are the professional grade stirrups we use and highly recommend.  We’d be happy to order the correct size for you, and we’re really good at being sneaky at getting the gifts to you!



Your Own Helmet


After your initial lessons, it’s a fantastic idea to buy your own helmet. 

There are lots of options to choose from, and here are a few of our favorites.  While individuality is a great thing, we ask that our academy show riders purchase a black helmet cover for out of barn shows.



Saddle Horse Report


If you have a serious horse show junkie in your house, there’s nothing better than a subscription to Saddlehorse Report.  Besides receiving newsprint magazines in the mail, you can also purchase online access to show results and even judges cards.  It’s a good online addiction!


The best!

Lessons at Knollwood are always a great gift, and they’re even 10% off through December 31.  You can purchase group lessons, private lessons, even summer camps and some horse show expenses at a discount.



If you purchase online, use promo code HOLIDAY2020 to receive your discount.

Of course, your instructor would be happy to help design a package for your rider.





See you at the barn!






And a whole lot of fun.


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