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After lots of adventures at the Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival last weekend, the show horses are all set up in St Louis and start showing tonight at the St Louis National Charity Horse Show.

First things first …



Futurity was a relatively quiet show for Team Knollwood. With horses leaving Monday morning for St Louis, many were busy prepping for the events in Missouri.  Horses that attended the home show turned in some great performances, and some even tried different divisions.

Payton and Eli (Undulata’s Crystal Illusionist) returned to the 3 gaited division with great success, winning both their qualifier and championship classes.  Richie and Sophie also crossed over and tried the three gaited division at the show to get some more classes in.

Scott showed home grown Willow (Dance Party) for the first time, and they won the Wisconsin Futurity Three Year OId Incentive Park Pleasure class. 

Willow looked fabulous in her show ring debut.


Our 15 academy riders were stars of the Saturday morning performance. 

The walk, trot, and canter riders shone on the rail, and really showed their skills on the championship pattern. The sandwich serpentine with a straight line through the middle was executed with precision by Maddie, Erika, Zada, and Lauren who worked hard to make the cut.

After pattern work, Maddie was the unanimous winner on Panic, and Erika was unanimously second on JD.  Zada was third on Alex, and Lauren was fifth on Murphy.

Our walk and trot riders were stars as well. Showing at only her third show, Alexa dove into the deep end at Futurity, and rode really well in an experienced field of riders aged 11-13.

Our 10 and under riders were rock stars in some really big classes. 

The classes for riders aged 9-10 had 12-15 riders entered, and our riders shone in the deep traffic. Those big group lessons and pattern camp sessions really showed as Mia, Maiya, and Juliet managed their ring placements like pros.


Amelia rode her way through a strong division for riders aged 8 and under, winning both her equitation and horsemanship classes.  She and Eddie made bright passes, and looked like they were both having a ball.


The Tuesday Amigos made the pattern cut in the championship, and went on to finish 1-2-3. Mia was the champion, Maiya was reserve, and Amelia finished third.


We are so proud of all of our academy riders.  And huge thanks to Jeni, Anna, Payton, Heather, Richie, and Maria who helped prep horses and offered their expertise and support to all 15 riders.

Biggest thanks to the best lesson horses in the world who were, as usual, fabulous.



So the horses went home on Sunday, and left for St Louis on Monday.

A favorite of trainers and exhibitors alike, the show features wonderful facilities and hospitality. It’s home to the Shatner Western Finals, the Hunt Seat Finals, the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s National Championship of Pleasure Equitation, and the Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion Finals for both junior (13 and under) and senior (14-17) riders.

Team Knollwood is there with quite a few horses, and we’re looking forward to a great week!

Some highlights?

After a highly successful season, Kerry and Rudy (Sir Don Juan) will be competing in the Shatner western finals.

It’s a mother daughter weekend for the Schuh’s while Allison shows Eva and Kim shows Maddie in St Louis.

Country pleasure stars Garfield and TInk will be competing at the show, Gabby will be looking to continue her dream season with Charlie, Haley is showing Gwen, Finn and Leila are there for equitation adventures, Richie and Sophie will be enjoying the show, and Kerry will show Hershey in show pleasure.


Heather and Laney will be representing Knollwood in the ASHA pleasure equitation championship. The class is judged 50% on railwork, and 50% on pattern, and all participants will perform the workout.

Railwork will take place Thursday morning, and the workouts will be Thursday at 5:00.

The Saddle and Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion final is split into two age groups and they’re judged the same way. Riders will compete on the rail first, and judges will pick 12-14 riders in each age group to complete pattern work. After cut downs, the Top 10 will be announced, and then placings will be awarded in reverse order.


Payton and Dos will represent Knollwood in the Junior Division, while Heather will show Tucker and Laney will show Robert in the Senior Division.

You can watch all the action free here.


What’s Next?



This weekend, we’re hosting photo shoots by Emma Utoft as she’s coming up to photograph our academy show stars.  We still have several times open if you’re interested in professional pics with your favorite horse.


Next Wednesday, October 2, the Hartland Culvers is donating a % of all sales made between 5 and 8 PM to the Knollwood Knockouts. Be sure to stop by and enjoy some deliciousness and support our hard working youth group.


The following weekend, academy and ‘B’ horses are off to Woodstock, Illinois for the UPHA Chapter 10 Fall Show.


Adopt a Street is coming up at 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 12.  Join the Knockouts as we clean up Oakwood and Nagawicka Road, and stay for the club meeting at 2:30!


Knollwood Fall show entries are due on October 12 for the event on November 9 and 10.



Halloween on Horseback is coming up at 6:00 on Friday, October 18. 

We’ll start taking entries and payments on October 1, so start planning your costume for your favorite horse!


Our final academy show is coming up on October 26-27 when we’ll travel to Gurnee for the IASPHA Fall show. 

We’re excited to have a creative entry for the costume class starring Klem, and all riders showing are invited to participate.



We hope you’ll join us for all the fun we have planned.

See you at the barn, or at the ingate!


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