Posted by Ann Wilt

Valentines Day is coming up this weekend, so we thought we’d talk to the lesson horses about their views.  We asked them who their Valentines were, but being the lady and gentlemen that they are, most declined to name an individual person.  Rather, most of the best lesson horses in the world named groups of people, or inanimate objects.

Here, in mostly alphabetical order, are the lesson horses’ Valentines for 2021.


Big Frank, occupant of the first stall on the right, is in love with his stall location.  It allows him to see all the comings and goings of the barn, and allows him to become personally invested in said events.

Duke loves playing games. While he’s usually, well, slow beyond belief in lessons, he becomes a different horse as soon as games start. He has been known to score all of a team’s points in games of ‘Steal the Crop,’ which is more than amazing if you’ve ever seen him in a lesson.

Fred loves round bales, especially for napping when the sun is out.


Hugo loves his new role as a walk trot star. Our gentle giant loves his slow trots and small children best of all.

Jelly loves Laser Sheen, his favorite hair polish which keeps his long flowing locks free of dreaded tangles.


Leon couldn’t name a single thing that he loves the most. Our ‘dear, sweet Leon’ loves all his people, loves giving lessons, and loves being a Knollwood lesson horse.


Little Frank loves warm weather, when the frightening arena heater isn’t making all that noise. (All the other lesson horses wish that the pony would just get over it.’)

Mac loves his farrier Scott, who makes sure he always has ‘happy feet’ for his lessons.


Mark loves small children. In case you don’t know, Mark is less than brilliant. We wonder if he even knows he’s carrying a rider, or if he thinks he’s just getting his steps in.


Picasso is in love with early afternoon naps. What’s better than a nap after lunch?


Sparky loves staying in at night. It keeps his energy up in the arena, and gives him quality discussion time with senior greats Willy and Brinkley.

Sundance may be retired from lessons, but he loves spending time in the pasture with his crew. He still holds the title of ‘Master of the Pasture.’

Thomas loves the Knollwood lesson horse medical plan. As an employment benefit, he feels super comfy after spring joint injections. He’s looking forward to show season 2021!

Tony seconds Thomas’ choice. After a tendon injury this winter, Tony is enjoying stall rest in the stall that everyone must pass on their way into the barn. He’s happy to nicker at EVERYONE who passes, hoping for some quality time with his peeps, or a snack, or another spa treatment.

Vaughn is still a growing boy, and really loves naps. He also loves teaching some of our smaller, up and coming riders.

Willy loves winter recess in the arena with his retired friend Brinkley.


Brinkley loves spending his retirement with best friend Willy.


Baxter loves his corner office, and loves greeting everyone who gets a tour of Knollwood.

Cashew loves stall visitors, especially those who arrive to give him a spa treatment.

Dexter is in love with introducing fierce small riders to Saddlebreds. He gives them their first ride on a high headed horse that aims to please.

Eddie loves recess time outside with wise men Willy and Brinkley. He also loves pattern camps where he shows off his second to none pattern teaching skills.

Heist loves Laura.


Hooper loves his personal assistants who understand his fear of ‘over-the-head’ blankets.


Klem loves showing small new academy stars the ways of a savvy, highly intelligent Morgan who keeps them safe and challenged. A little.

Murphy loves Nancy because she always tells him that he’s beautiful.

Panic loves Holly. He also loves the Knollwood Kids who have developed a need for speed. The looks on their faces after hitting Panic’s second trotting gear is fantastic.

Alex responded by asking for a definition of Valentine.

Sadie loves being the only mare among the grand geldings of the Knollwood lesson horses.

Sport loves Carol and her advanced riders who are teaching him the ways of a Knollwood academy star.

Willis loves Richie for helping him win a Monarch National Championship.





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