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First of all, we hope everyone enjoyed watching the virtual Knockout banquet as much as we enjoyed putting it on.  Club officers and board members organized the event, and did a great job for everyone. We sincerely hope this is the last time we need to celebrate virtually!

Great thanks to Lisa and Pam for creating the swag and award bags, and for creating the décor for the event.

Great thanks to Wendy for all her time and expertise with the slide show.

Finally, thanks to the best lesson horses in the world who make the lesson program the success that it is. Special congratulations to Horse of the Year Sparky, and Reserve Horse of the Year Baxter.


Here’s a complete listing of Knockout winners:


2020 In Barn Champions


Champion Tie: Madelyn R and Reagan S

Reserve Champion: Brae E

8 and Under Walk Trot Equitation

Champion: Dilly 

Reserve Champion: Jilly

9-10 Walk Trot Equitation

Champion (TIE): Cecilia  and Sophia K

Reserve Champion: Olivia K.

11-17 Walk Trot Equitation

Champion: Alessia

Reserve Champion: Taylor K.


8 and Under Walk Trot Horsemanship

Champion: Maddie S

Reserve Champion (TIE): Stella  and Leighton 


WT Horsemanship 9 and Up

Champion (TIE) : Alessia and Olivia R

Reserve Champion: Cecilia 


Walk and Trot Pattern

Champion (TIE) : Alessia and Dilly

Reserve Champion: Maddie S


10 and Under WTC Equitation

Champion: Brooklyn

Reserve Champion (TIE): Amelia  and Tessa B


11-17 WTC Equitation

Champion: Mia

Reserve Champion: Maiya K


Adult WTC Equitation

Champion: Whitney

Reserve Champion: Lynn 


10 and Under WTC Horsemanship

Champion: Brooklyn

Reserve Champion: Amelia


WTC Horsemanship 11 - 17

Champion: Mia

Reserve Champion(TIE):  Catherine S, Addison J, and Maiya K


WTC Horsemanship 18 and Over

Champion: Whitney

Reserve Champion: Lynn 


13 and Under WTC Pattern

Champion: Maiya K

Reserve Champion: Lily K.


14 and Over WTC Pattern

Champion: Whitney

Reserve Champion: Lynn 




In Barn  High Point Winners

Champion (TIE): Mia and Maiya K

Reserve Champion: Brooklyn




2020 Out of Barn Champions

8 and Under Walk Trot Equitation

Champion: Maddie S.

Reserve Champion: Dilly 


9-10 Year Old Walk Trot Equitation

Champion: Brooklyn 

Reserve Champion: Amelia


11-17 Year Old Walk Trot Equitation

Champion: Samara 

Reserve Champion: Alexa


Walk Trot Horsemanship

Champion: Brooklyn

Reserve Champion: Alexa


Walk and Trot Pattern

Champion(TIE): Maddie S. and Samara

Reserve Champion: Brooklyn


WTC Equitation 13 and Under

Champion: Mia

Reserve Champion: Maiya


WTC Equitation 14-17

Champion: Lauren B

Reserve Champion: Emma K


WTC Equitation 18+

Champion: Lynn 

Reserve Champion: Rachel


WTC Horsemanship

Champion: Mia

Reserve Champion: Lily 


WTC Pattern:

Champion: Mia

Reserve Champion: Lily 



Overall High Point Award Winners

Champion: Mia

Reserve Champion: Brooklyn


ASHA Academy Awards

In addition to Knollwood awards, nineteen of our riders have earned ASHA Academy Awards by earning points competing away from home!

Bronze Medallions:





Maddie S.

Silver Medallions:





Gold Medallions:





Master Bronze Medallions












Congratulations to all the winners, and to all who showed this season. Every time you enter the ring on a horse, it’s an accomplishment, and we’re proud of all these riders have learned.


 What's Next?

Our academy Kickoff Meeting is coming up this Saturday at 7:00 PM. Join us in the socially distanced arena for demonstrations with 2 academy stars as we discuss final schedules and clothing for the upcoming season. Jodi will have accessories and ties for sale as well.

If you haven’t already signed up in the school barn lounge, please let Ann know that you’re attending so we have enough handouts available.



March is the month for academy show meetings! Your instructor will set up a time to set show schedules and help with memberships, clothing, and answer questions one-on-one.


The Knollwood Spring show is coming up May 22 and 23, and we’ll start accepting entries March 22. Entries will close April 22 to ensure production of shirts for the show.

Everyone is welcome, from leadline riders to our most experienced academy riders wo are trying to qualify for the Knollwood Challenge. Please talk to your instructor for more details.



Our first show of the season is coming up April 17-18 at Beyond Stable Farm n Crystal Lake, Illinois. The IASPHA show series offer strong classes, great hospitality, and well run shows all the way around. Plus, these shows offer ‘green’ division for first year show riders.


See you at the barn!




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