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We had a blast at the IASPHA Summer show last weekend at Beyond Stable Farm.

We enjoyed the first ever competition in the brand new covered outdoor arena which quickly became a favorite of both horses and riders alike.

A few of our favorite stories?

Life long Saddlebred exhibitor Jane returned to the show ring after an 'adult' absence of a few years.

She won her first ever grand championship showing Maddie, officially known as Tura Lura Lura in the Open Pleasure Division. 

How cool is that?

After seeing two of her children excel in the show ring, Tracy decided it was her turn, and made her debut in the adult academy division. With her daughter making the trip as her personal assistant, Tracy was a rockstar with the one and only  superstar Baxter.

Our walk, trot, and canter riders excelled on Saturday, From riders showing new horses to veteran adults to seasoned riders, all of our riders showed like professionals.

We introduced two more riders to the show ring last weekend, and they looked like they were born to show..

Both Cecilia  and Sophia rode through busy classes of 'green' riders who were showing in their first year of competition. Stella was showing in her second show and looked like a veteran out there.

We couldn't be more proud of our riders.


Classic Summer Riding School may be done for the summer, but the Knockouts are hosting a busy few weekends of events!


On Saturday night, the Knockouts are hosting a popular Parents’ Night Out from 5-8 PM.  Knockout guests will enjoy games, dinner, and a craft session to create signs for the youth group’s car wash on Sunday.


It’s only $25 to participate, and you can sign up in the school barn.


It’s major fundraiser time for the Knockouts on Sunday.

We’ll gather at the Fox Brother’s Piggly Wiggly in Hartland from 10 AM to 2 PM to wash cars and sell brats and other goodies at the store.

This event is a big fundraiser for the club, and it’s a ton of fun in which to take part. All the participants will have the chance to wash cars AND to sell great food in the brat shack.

Fundraisers like this help fund the annual awards banquet, and to help with the club’s charitable events during the year.

The club will be adding more families to the Christmas family adoption program, and we’ll be involving more members in the process, including wrapping and delivering of gifts.

We’d love to have all the Knockouts participate in this fun event, and you can sign up here or at the barn through Saturday.


Next weekend, the Knockouts will be helping to run the ASAW Summer Showcase at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds.  Our youth group splits the proceeds of the show with the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Wisconsin’s Scholarship Fund in return for our assistance with show operations.

The Knockouts are needed to help with set up on Friday, including shavings delivery and center ring set up, on Saturday and Sunday with hospitality events, and with tear down on Sunday.

Our barn buddy mentors will be at the show in force on Sunday as Team Knollwood introduces 10 new riders to the joy of horse showing.

You can sign up here, or talk to Nancy at the barn if you’d like to help.


Next Up? 


We’re taking entries for the Knollwood Fall Show which takes place on October 9 and 10.  Entries are due on September 1 in order to get our cool dark green show shirts ready. Size samples are ready in the school barn lounge.

Please talk to your instructor to see which division is right for you!


Team Knollwood is heading to the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky on August 21-28.  We’ll be there in force, competing against the best.

We’ll provide schedules and webcast information as soon as we can.


At home, we’re looking forward to one more week of pattern camp before fall show season kicks in, marking the start of equitation finals season.


The adventure continues…





See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate…..



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