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We are so excited.

Team Knollwood has been working extra hard introducing lots of new riders to the joys of riding. We've added instructors, lesson hours, and lesson horses too.

All of our passion and hard work will be on display this weekend at our spring in-barn show.

We love what we do.

Classes are big and deep, and we’re thrilled that we’re welcoming 28 riders showing for the very first time!

Here’s info, in no particular order, that all of our riders will find useful for maximum enjoyment this weekend.


We’re thrilled to welcome Shelby Hader as our judge for the weekend.

Shelby grew up a Knollwood Kid, starting her riding career at age 4. Her skills led her to excel in both the equitation and performance divisions.

Now working in medical research, this Lawrence University graduate will share her knowledge and legendary sense of humor with the current Knollwood Kids.


The show is scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday. We ARE watching Sunday’s forecast, and are considering moving the show start to 9:00 AM. We’ll make a decision on Thursday, and if we move up the start time, we’ll contact all riders.


Saturday’s riders will compete in our big outdoor ring while our Sunday stars will compete in the smaller outdoor ring.

Spectators are asked to bring their own chairs to enjoy the show.

Saturday’s guests can set up in the pasture to the west of the arena. Please keep your seating behind the ‘broodmare path’ along the rail so the enthusiastic audience doesn’t alarm the horses.

Sunday’s fans are welcome to set up under the trees along Horseshoe Bend, or between the barn and the arena. Please leave a path open from the barn to the arena to horses can safely make it to the arena. We’ll help with this, of course.


Parking is available in the Kettle Moraine Curling Club lot as well as in our own lots. Great thanks to our neighbors!

Our concession stand parents have been busy with lunch pre-orders, and thank you for the record number!

They have made some extra lunches which will be available on show days.


In addition to being a lot of fun, the show is a major fundraiser for our youth group, the Knollwood Knockouts. In addition to the concession stand, the Knockouts also offer a 50/50 raffle and gift baskets. Please help out where you can. All proceeds fund the club’s awards banquet and their charitable activities.



We are pleased to welcome Hanna Agathen as our official horse show photographer. She’ll he shooting in the arena both days, and will post proofs.  Each rider received an informational flier in their shirt packet with more info as well.

Speaking of cool tech stuff, Abby is publishing an online program for the weekend.  Stay tuned for download information!


Some common questions for our newest show riders:

 What’s the difference between horsemanship and equitation classes?

Horsemanship classes are judged on the overall picture of horse and rider. Does the rider steer well, does the rider navigate around other horses while maintaining speed and correct gait, and does the rider perform the gait requested?

Equitation classes add the rider’s form into the equation.

Is the rider sitting comfortably straight with weight in seat and heels? Are heels down, knees and thighs tight, and hands and eyes up? Is the rider posting on the correct diagonal? (Rising and falling with the shoulder next to the wall.) Equitation classes are also judged on horsemanship.

In the equitation championships, the judge can ask some or all of the  riders to perform some individual work as well. For our maiden and beginner show riders, Shelby will ask the riders to two point in the line up, or to drop their stirrups and pick them back up.

The more experienced riders may be asked to go back to the rail and perform a pattern. The more a rider progresses in their education, the more challenging the work outs become.


Why are some classes split?

We split classes for safety in the ring. In our small arena with novice riders, we limit each class to 6 riders before we split.

When we do split classes, we try to group riders according to their experience level so the competition is even.


Who’s in center ring?

Center ring is populated with friendly experienced horsepeople.

In addition to the judge, center ring staff includes a ringmaster who helps keep everyone safe in the ring. On Sunday, you’ll see additional personnel in the center. Abby and Whitney will join the judge to help with the newest riders, and they’ll be a familiar face to many of their riders showing for the first time.


 Who are the ‘personal assistants?’

A group of our experienced riders have volunteered their time to assist with riders and horses on Sunday. These kids have been selected not just for their knowledge, but for their kindness as well.

Each horse will have their own person for the day, and the riders on each horse will get to know their helper.

These special Knollwood Kids keep the stress level down, answer questions, and act as cheerleaders for our riders. And, they keep everyone safe!

We couldn’t do it without them.



What’s Coming Up?

May Classic Horse Show

May 26-30

Wisconsin State Fair Park

Come watch some of the best show horses and academy riders in the Midwest!

The academy performance is on Saturday, and won’t start before noon.



Prairie State Classic

June 4-6

Beyond Stable Farm

Our academy team and ‘B’ horses are on the road to compete at a favorite show. 

Come join us!




See you soon at the barn, or at the in-gate!



The fine print:
We're taking a break from private lessons on Monday, May 24. The lesson horses will enjoy a day of spa treatments and rest.
We're closed on Monday, May 31 in observance of Memorial Day.
We'll credit your accounts for these schedule changes.








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