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It’s almost Knollwood show time, and we're so excited to move the festivities ourside!


But first, let’s just catch up on what’s happening at Knollwood this week.

 Our last session of Tiny Tot camp finished up today with 9 new riders learning all about horses. They played many games, spent time with our fantastic beginner horses, and learned to walk and trot.  They even finished their three-day session with a show for their parents and friends.  The campers, instructors, and marvelous helpers made lots of memories with these new riding stars.


We’re finishing up our last week of invitational camp. Held for our academy show riders, these intensive weeks offer in-depth riding with focus on show ring strategy and patterns. Today, we enjoyed a pattern challenge, and blew off some steam in the afternoon with games on horseback with the school horses.


Horses are leaving for the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville later today. Like all things in 2020, the event will have a COVID-19 security feel, but it’s still Freedom Hall with some of the best horses and riders in attendance.  We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable week in Louisville, and we’ll be sure to provide updates with schedules for Finn and Richie!


Next week, we’re finishing our camp season with a final sold out week of summer riding school, We’re welcoming 15 new Knollwood Kids to learn all about horses and riding while they’re enjoying time with the best lesson horses in the world.

We’ve had an absolute ball this summer as we pivoted in this most unusual year. We learned about masks, sanitizing reins and surfaces, and washed our hands countless times a day.  The magic of kids and horses was still in the air, even if we had to look for the smiles in campers’ eyes over their masks.


Huge thanks to our counselors and helpers who made all the changes fun, kept everyone safe, and kept the fun rolling in these most unusual days.  It all made Knollwood Summer 2020 a wonderful experience for plenty of kids!


Show Time

Let’s celebrate all things Knollwood in the great outdoors.

It’s our first time moving the show outside, so we ask for your patience as we work out some kinks. We think we know how things are going to go, but it's 2020, so anything can happen.   We’re great at pivoting, and hope you enjoy watching us learn from new challenges! It’s sure to be entertaining.


The Details:

Pre-ordered food orders will be ready for pick up on the deck outside the show barn. Chef Lisa and her crew are offering almost touchless pick up for your safety.

Love the show shirts?

We purchased some extras, and they can be yours for only $25.  They come in youth sizes S-XL, or misses S-L. We have a couple of men’s sizes available, too.

Lisa and her staff will have them available on the show barn deck on show weekend, and they can be purchased with cash, checks made out to Knollwood Farm, or a credit card.

Sizes are limited, so be sure to snag yours while you can!



The show starts at 11:00 AM both days.

Saturday’s performance featuring our walk, trot, and canter riders as well as our walk trot riders who are 11 or older who will compete in the big outdoor ring.

Families are encouraged to bring their own chairs or blankets and set up around the outside of the arena. You are welcome to bring your own coolers as well to enjoy the spectacle. For safety reasons, please do not stand along the rail, and please set your chairs up behind the path worn by the pasture horses along the rail.

We plan on changing horses between classes just outside the show barn, and we ask that spectators give us room there for safety’s sake. Horses will be moving in and out, so please keep the path clear.



Sunday’s 11:00 AM performance featuring our younger walk and trot riders as well as our maiden and leadline stars. It will be held in the small outdoor ring, and spectators are again welcome to bring their own seating. We ask that you set up in the shade of the trees along the north rail, or in the sun next to the barn.

We’ll be changing horses in the driveway, so we’ll keep a path clear to the arena.



Please Help!

COVID-19 Policy Reminder

Please respect your fellow Knollwood friends by socially distancing this weekend. If you come inside, or have to be close to others, masks ARE required.


In addition,

if you or anyone in your household is experiencing:

Fever greater than 99.1

Persistent cough


Sore throat

Runny nose

Body/muscle aches

Shortness of breath

Please do not come to the barn until you have been cleared of COVID-19 risk.

We take the health of our staff, customers, and friends very seriously, and we ask that you help us keep everyone safe and healthy.


We look forward to seeing you and can’t wait for the first ever outside Knollwood Academy Show!!!


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