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Almost everyone around the world celebrates a holiday this time of year that includes gift giving.

Let’s think about the gifts that horses give us 365 days a year:



Horses Give us Calmness.

 After a trying day at school, at work, or with life in general, all you have to do is walk into the barn and inhale. You’ll feel the stress start to leave your body. If you’re lucky enough to hug a horse, you’ll feel your entire body relax.



Horses Give us Laughs.

After you watch horses for any length of time, you realize that some horses are goofs.

Baxter likes to tighten the tabs on zip strips, the late great lesson horse Tony used to use tools such as corn stalks and stray buckets to chase his friends in the pasture, and Bilbo likes to exit the arena in slow motion when he thinks no one is looking.

These big animals can act like 4th grade boys in the pasture, and give us hours of amusement.



Horses Give us Interaction With Another Animal.

Many horses enjoy time with their people as much as we like our time with them.

Whether it’s getting a horse ready to ride, giving a thorough spa treatment, cooling your horse down after a lesson, or just spending quality time in a stall, the hours go quickly.

You can try to find your horse’s favorite scratching spot, brush your horse until he shines, or just talk to him. They answer, you know they do.


Horses Give us Exercise.

As anyone who’s ridden for any length of time knows, riding a horse is physically and mentally challenging. The living breathing creature you’re riding has a mind of his own, and a strong body as well.

Learning to ride is a long, challenging process, and it keeps us fit and alert.

Did someone say chores?

Dumping buckets, throwing hay, pushing wheelbarrows to outside pastures, cleaning up after horses, and feeding horses all involve lots of physical activity as well.

They’re good for us!


Horses Give us Life Long Friends

Horses gives us friends with a built in common interest. When things aren’t great at school, work, or at home, you can walk into the barn and immediately talk about horses.

Time spent working with and riding horses develops strong friendships. You ride together, take care of horses together, enjoy summer camp together, and show with and against each other.

Many of these friendships last through college and into adulthood. Horses unite people.


Horses Give us Compassion.

Spending time with horses develops our compassion as we see them on good and bad days. Sometimes horses are ill, sometimes they are lame, and sometimes they’re laid up for a time.

They require our care as they age as well. As horse people, we learn to care for them in good times, and to help them through rough times and through the aging process.



Horses Give us Joy For a Lifetime.

With riders aged three to 70+ at Knollwood, you can see the joy in the eyes of everyone who walks into the barn and inhales.

While you’ll enjoy horses in different ways throughout a lifetime, these beautiful animals will bring joy whether you’re actively competing, just starting out, or admire them from the ground.`



So, this holiday season, be sure to thank the horses who make your life more joyful:

Hug a horse.

Kiss a snout.

Give an extra thorough spa treatment.

Share a big carrot.

Tell a horse how much they mean to you.


You won’t regret it.


What’s Coming Up?


Knollwood Purchases are 10% off through December 31.

You can purchase online using promo code HOLIDAY2024, or you can purchase through your instructor or admin. We’re happy to help.

The polls are open through December 31 for the School Horse of the Year election!

Just pay your 2024 Knockout dues to receive a ballot. Richmond is our poll watcher, and has actually stopped a case of voter fraud on Tuesday. (In all fairness, the Knockout member said she'd already voted, but we like to help RIchmond with his self esteem, so credit to him.)



Holiday Closures

Knollwood will be quiet on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1 so the staff can enjoy the holidays with their families.

All enrolled lessons will be credited to your account.



Midwest Saddleseat Consignment Trunk Show

January 5, 7-9 PM

Hilton Garden Inn, Oconomowoc



In-House Academy Consignment Sale

Saturday, February 10

11:00 AM

All academy riders are invited to consign their outgrown show clothes to the sale. Please tag your items with your name, approximate size of item, price, and a cell # for contact. Please have your consigned items to Lisa by February 3.

Shoppers, please visit the sale in the show barn lounge on Saturday, February 10. We’ll have experienced academy moms to help, and Jodi will be there with her fantastic accessories and ties.


Academy Tailor Visits

Saturday, February 24

Starting at 9:30 AM

If you’re interested in having a custom shirt or vest made, or if you’d like some alterations done to your show outfit, Trish will be coming to us on the 24th. We’re setting up 30 minute appointments for measurements.



Knollwood Knockout Award Banquet

Merrill Hills

All Knockouts are invited to join the celebration of all things Knollwood at Merrill Hills.

Who can resist social time, dinner, awards, Scott’s ‘State of the Farm’ address, a slide show, and dancing the night away?

Invitations will go out to all current members in January.

Reminder, country club dress code is in effect.                                                                                                                                               You won’t want to miss it!





Jelly Bean Jods for Spring 2024

Orders February 10-24

We’re ordering everyone’s favorite Knollwood jods! It’s your chance to order the navy jods with tan knee patches, and our logo embroidered on the bottom of the leg.

The jods will be ready for the May Knollwood show!




Academy Kick Off Night

March 16 at 6:00 PM

All academy riders and parents are invited to join us for a social evening in the lounge.

Scott will share his necktie skills, and share his ‘perfect’ horse show knot. Be sure to bring a tie to join the fun.

Karina will be on-hand to show us how to create the perfect horse show bun, and how to create an age appropriate makeup look for young show riders.

Of course, we’ll provide refreshments and appetizers for everyone.



IASPHA Spring Show

April 13-14

Beyond Stable Farm

Woodstock, Illinois

Our first academy show of the season!





See you at the barn!








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