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Hi everyone, it's Forest here.

So far this fall, I've been forced to babysit another little creature.  This one's name is Nacho, and I think Pony Frank is in love with him.

I just want to eat, and those two are always running around, interrupting my important grazing time.  Somehow, round Frank looks none the lighter yet.  


Next up on my fall schedule is Halloween on Horseback.  For me, this usually means a silly costume and lots of spray paint.  I've been a lady bug, Snookie, Winnie the Pooh, and a clown, to name a few.

Please get your ideas together and join me for Halloween weekend 2017.  This year, we're hosting parties on October 20 and 21, and I know you have some great ideas.


Once you've thought of an exciting horse costume, tell Ann or Nancy about it, and they can find one of my friends who will appreciate the outfit and wear it with a good sense of humor.

Please embarrass the pony.

The party is only $40, and you can pay when your horse is assigned.


You can join us for costume creation starting at 4:30 on your party day, and costume judging is at 6:00 PM.  You'll enjoy the Halloween experience of smelling water soluble hair dye being applied in mass quantities, and hearing frantic costume designers calling out for scissors.

After the prizes are handed out, we get to play games with our riders.  I am famous for making it to the final round of Musical Feedsacks, and then showcasing my unique sense of humor.  You won't want to miss the games!


After games, our staffs take care of us and we get to go outside to discuss the events of the evening, and scare the neighbors with our unusual haircolors.

Party goers get to retire to the show barn lounge for a potluck of epic proportions if everyone remembers to bring a dish.  Please sign up in the school barn lounge!

Knollwood will provide water for everyone, and parent are welcome to being their own adult beverages to share.


We're looking forward to a great spooky Halloween at Knollwood!


But really,  PLEASE embarrass the pony!!


Oh, and don't get too much paint on me, as I'm going to the Fall IASPHA show in Gurnee the following weekend.  I'm in the costume class there, and I don't want to distract from my costume with last week's remnants.  My IASPHA costume is great, and I can hardly wait to parade around with my friends.

See you at the barn.


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